Why Salt & Pepper?

Salt and pepper have been together on every house table for like more than thousand years. So, in this article we will help you to understand how salt and pepper came to be known as a pair helping us to elevate the taste of our dishes.

Salt aka sodium chloride is the only rock in the world we humans consume. When this sodium chloride is paired with water they act as important ingredients for life. There are many benefits of consuming sodium chloride. From helping us in regulating blood to conveying electrical nerves throughout our body, six grams of sodium chloride can help us a lot.



The Masai people of east Africa attained the value of salt by drinking the blood of their livestock. But gradually and slowly salt became an essence of something that could be traded for or found. Salt was of utmost importance in the past and it still is. Salt was both the commodity and a currency at that period of time. Even the roman warriors were given ‘salt’ as a part of their salary.

Unlike present time when salt is cheap enough to manufacture, after the industrial age there were battles taking place for salt. People used to fight over salts and in some cases it led to the birth of a revolution too.


Way before the idea of refrigeration, people used to use salting to protect their foods. The reason behind this is that the harmful bacteria will not be able to grow in high salt conditions. Besides this, salt also tends to change the taste of food by making it salty and delicious. Because sodium chloride has the capability of blocking all the bitter taste receptors by amplifying other tastes such as sweet, salt and even umami.


Pepper is a common Indian cooking food for over four thousand years and even some amounts of black pepper have made it to Greece, Rome and ancient Egypt. Asia and Europe started using pepper for trading purposes. The main feature of pepper here was to mask the flavor of meat.


In the middle ages, the wealthy used spices in their food but the black pepper was used by only a certain person. Louis XIV preferred his food to be lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Since the French cuisine was developed and formed the base of what we eat today.

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