5 Weird Reasons Not to Smoke

Hello people!

2021 has started now and we made good resolutions. Good habits can take time to build but it is a human tendency to get attracted to bad habits immediately, agree?

Today I focus on the main topic regarding your health, mind, work and many more.

If human think that smoking is not risky then share this information with yourself, friends, family members or strangers too.

What are the reasons behind not to smoke are here.


What Is Smoking?

Smoking means inhaling the fumes and it is made by plant material. It is associated with cigarette usually. In previous centuries, people used to do smoking using the pipe.

Nowadays, without thinking, somebody gives any reason for smoking.

But I don’t understand why they don’t try to stay away from these habits. Let’s take a look for those reasons.

Hearing Ability:

Not only loud music, DJ or band but smoking can kill your hearing too

What are the harmful chemicals affect your hearing ability?

Namely benzene, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide may affect your hearing ability. It directly damages your sense.

It irritates the lining and Eustachian tube of the middle ear. The smokers are 1.69 times that may harm their hearing. The proportion of ex-smokers who are suffering from this problem is 22.7%. An individual who is in contact with the smoker may face the same issue.

Lovable Pets:

If you are an animal lover, then you should be aware of this. Why? Smoking affects the life of a pet like a dog or a cat as they are part of your family. As compared to a human, the risk of harm is more in case of the animal.37% of smokers are agreed with this fact.

Overweight and Pregnancy:

It is a scientifically studied, smoking gain weight which may turn into obesity. 

During pregnancy, smoking is dangerous for that person as well as their baby. It could be not possible to handle that situation. Breast issues may arise.

Healthy Mind:

Are you happy?

When study or observation get complete each year, smokers found to be less unhappy compared to others. Stress is a part of life and to get relief from tension, individual get addicted to smoking.

Office employee, transport worker or other people usually do smoking if they have a burden. How would you live if you don’t have a healthy and calm mind?

Lung Cancer:

Menthol smoking might increases the chances of lung cancer. In a whole day if you finish more packets then it would be an invitation for cancer.

What is the percentage of deaths?

That is 80%-90%.

If you think keeping cigarettes in your mouth look attractive or fashionable then you are on the wrong path. It harms your blood vessels. Change it.


In short, now you get to know how we behave. Smoking kills your life but after knowing this truth human are not trying to get rid of it. It is not only the information but also the advice medicine.

Throw smoking out”!!!

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