What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are the creatures on earth a decade ago. Even humans living on the earth are not pretty much sure about their existence. Only the skeleton which we found on the earth is the sign of dinosaur’s creatures.

Almost decades ago volcanic eruption occurs on the earth. According to many pieces of evidence, asteroid impact was the main culprit. Asteroids are the huge, bulky rocky substance that rounds around the sun.

Almost 66 million years ago earth was intended to hit by an asteroid or comet at the end of the Cretaceous period. Due to this, serious huge volcanic eruptions occur. The large volcanic eruption that occurs in India gives rise to dinosaur’s life end.

Many of the major living beings are survived are placed before the asteroid impact and they all suffered some level of extensions. but after the asteroid impacts, the major evolution of human beings occurs which plays a major role in the evolution of humankind.

The fossils record shows that in the first 175 million years of their existence dinosaurs took a huge variety of forms as the environment changed and new species involved that were suited to these new conditions.

It did not completely block the sun but it reduced the amount of light that reached the earth’s surface. so it makes an impact on growth on the planet which makes a living being unable to survive on the earth.

The asteroid is 10 to 15 km wide in range but the velocity of its collision causes the much larger creator. It’s the second-largest creator about 150 km in diameter.

The asteroid hit at a very high velocity and effectively vaporized.it intermediates the area was total devastation. a huge blast wave and heat wave went out and it throws vast amounts of material up in the atmosphere.

Ash and gas sweeping from volcanoes suffocated many of the dinosaurs. Some theories also suggest that diseases wipe out all the dinosaurs. due to all this impact, the food chain imbalance leads to the starvation of the dinosaurs. Dating on the period of impact dinosaur’s fossils is not able to find. Some theories also said that all the dinosaurs died before the meteorite hit. That an impact that they kicked up they block a large amount of sunlight for a long time.

Dinosaurs disappear completely now and only the birds remain. Something changes very quickly in the environment that many animals including dinosaurs could not able to adapt.

Some kinds of birds survive after that incident but not all of them live longer.it is said that dinosaurs are lived before human beings appeared on the earth.so there is so much evidence telling that dinosaurs are real. Only the research and fossils are the evidence that gives some surety about the existence of dinosaurs.

Even dinosaurs that existed are of different types. There are vegetarian as well as some dinosaurs eat other animals too. Some are feathery dinosaurs but no such fossils are stored of feathery dinosaurs. Now only the human-created imaginary creature exists in movies as dinosaurs.

Though asteroid impact is considered as good major evidence even though it destroys the creatures on earth.

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