A Day Without Electricity: What Would You Do?

Imagine a day without electricity. No electricity, no light bulb, no fan, no air conditioner, no access to any electrical appliance, it seems horrible right? We all know that electricity is an essential part of our daily life. Electricity has made our life very comfortable. Without electricity it is impossible to have a smooth lifestyle. Even the article you are reading right now would not have been possible without electricity.

We are completely dependent on electricity for our daily work, weather it is household work like washing or your daily job like working on a computer. From houses to factories to offices and hospitals electricity is required everywhere.

If there’s  a power cut for even one day it will be a massive problem. Factories and industrial work will stop. Production and many other things will stop. We will have to work under the candle light and no fans and air conditioner in summers. It’s hard to imagine to live without electricity for even one day isn’t it? In other words world runs on electricity but think about the people in many of the rural areas who don’t have access to electricity yet and areas where electricity is provided for few hours. Life must be very tough there, No access to any electrical appliances, not even a light bulb or fan.

Differences in urban and rural life due to electricity

In cities and urban areas life is very easy and comfortable as compared to rural areas. Urban areas are provided with twenty four hours of electricity. One can easily wash clothes in washing machine, can get cold water from refrigerator, use laptops and mobile phones, everything on the snap of their finger. But on the other hand life is tough in rural areas because of limited or no supply of electricity. A huge gap is created between urban areas and rural areas because of electricity.

In rural areas life is very difficult as they aren’t able to use several electrical gadgets because of the power cuts and very limited supply of electricity. Because of no electricity access to water is also difficult in rural areas. In current situation because of covid all the educational institute are running online but students in rural areas find it very difficult to attend the classes due to lack of electricity.

Years of struggling has made people in rural areas use to live without electricity. They don’t have any worries regarding to electricity because they are habitual of living without it, but what about urban areas? Forget about one day it’s difficult for people to live without electricity even for few hours. Urban life is so much dependent on electricity.

If we go hundred years back in past when there was no electricity in country. We think that life would have been difficult at that time but no, life was just as smooth as it is now. People were habitual of doing all their work without electricity. Introduction of electricity made their life more easy and it kept on making it easier and comfortable but don’t you think it has spoiled us? Humans are so much dependent on electricity that living without electricity for even one day is tough.

Dependence of humans on electrical appliances

World has become very advanced in technology but none of them will work without electricity. Nowadays everything runs online on our phones but without electricity phones can’t be used. In urban areas access of water is difficult if there’s a power cut. We need electrical appliances for all our works for example washing machine for washing clothes, laptops and mobile phones, light bulbs, fans, television, heaters and the list goes on. We are completely dependent on electrical appliances nowadays.

Overall we can say that electricity has became an essential part of our daily life just like water and air. World has become full of advanced technology but all the technologies run on electricity. From households to industries electricity is required everywhere. Electricity is so important but still there are rural areas where there is no electricity or very limited supply of electricity.

On the other hand urban areas are provided with 24 hours of electricity making the life of people living in urban areas very easy and comfortable as compared to areas but at the same time creating a huge gap in between. Humans are dependent on electrical appliances for almost all the works which somewhat spoiled us. Life will turn very hard if there will be no electricity so we should save electricity for our future.

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