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Equal Opportunities:

  • Nowadays many families have started treating their kids equally.
  • But there are still certain families who doesn’t give equal chances to boys and girls.
  • Not only families but many people around there doesn’t give equal opportunities to both boys and girls.
  • There should be equal opportunities in education, on salary, on raising there voices.
  • Not only girls but in some of the aspects boys also face discrimination. For example: Just because he is a boy he can’t have proper sleep because he needs to earn for the family.
  • If the work load is same for both boys and the girls then why should salary have the difference.
  • We don’t know how many years it will take to make our country a country of no discrimination on the basis of gender.
  • We certainly hope that our generation kids will not repeat the same mistakes.
  • Inequality lies in our thinking not in this world.
  • We should change our mindset first before trying to change others.
  • If you want to change then be the change.

Playing A Game:

  • Players in a game are recognised by their perseverance rather then at what level they are playing.
  • Participating in a game should be the top priority for any player.
  • He/she or their family or their teachers or anybody must not think about winning or loosing or what position he/she will stood in the game.
  • In fact ranking and unhealthy competition should be avoided.
  • Players of our country need to be supported and not demotivated.


  • If you have a dream then gender doesn’t matter at all.
  • Try to chase your dreams.
  • Many people will stop you or will try to demotivate you but you will choose that you want to listen to them or not.
  • Do whatever you can to make your dream a success.
  • The happiness after that will be unlimited and also the people who were trying to stop you will also come and congratulate to you on your success.


  • A leader of any game or any group work is the one who help his/ her other mates complete the task.
  • We all should have leadership qualities.
  • Having a leadership quality helps us to make ourselves a better personality.
  • A group leader should not be confused in his/her actions but should be crystal clear.
  • He/she should be courageous to do any sort of work given to them with the help of their team mates.
  • He/she should be enthusiastic for the given work.
  • A good leader is the one who tries to do a work with his team mates, not the one who just give orders.
  • He/she should be prepared if their team mates faces a difficulty in any situation. In short they should have a great presence of mind.
  • A good leader is humble so that if his/her team mates gets stuck in any situation he/she can help them not bully them or make fun of their situation.
  • He/she must be patient enough for self-improvement.

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