No Place For Us?


Why do we sometimes feel alone in a crowd of people:

  • When we are in crowd we generally don’t know anyone.
  • It makes us get scared and lonely, because if we need help one might not listen to us.
  • When we are alone we generally wish that we had someone to go out with.

Why are people moving in big cities?

  • People are moving to big cities because of better education.
  • They might move because their working place is there.
  • Easily available goods are present in nearby markets as big cities have lots of shops.
  • There are a lot of opportunities in a big city.
  • Also there is a lot more to explore in a big city.

What we learn from our elders?

  • We learn to respect other people.
  • We learn to glow and to grow.
  • Their experiences of life helps us to learn many things.
  • We learn to take care of our loved ones.
  • We learn to be kind to others.

What kind of difficulties people face when a dam is being built:

  • Houses, farms etc.. get destroyed where a dam is being built.
  • The government promises them to give the compensation of the damage created by them but sometimes they don’t give it.
  • They are told that they will be given new houses.
  • But proper accessories are not given.
  • When they become needy other villagers start thinking them as poor and inferior.

What are the benefits of a Dam?

  • We get water for drinking purposes and for industrial uses.
  • Floods are controlled in many places where dam is built.
  • Dams provides us with hydroelectric power.

What are the disadvantages of a Dam?

  • Dams release greenhouse gases.
  • They increases the sea level.
  • Many poor people have to loose their home as their homes gets destroyed due to the construction of dams.

Slum Area:

  • Slum area is an area which is densely populated and is a crowded area.
  • It is an area where poor people live.
  • They may not have basic needs.

Are cities dirty due to slums?

  • Well, we can’t blame only the slum people for the dirt caused in the cities.
  • There are many industries who throw garbage in water and also the air gets polluted due to these industries.
  • We generally blame poor people because of the dirt caused in our environment but the rich or the middle class are equally responsible for the dirt.
  • Poor people lack education so they must have never been educated about how they should keep their environment or the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean, but the rich and the middle class people who calls themselves educated does the same mistake.
  • Very few people are responsible for keeping our surroundings clean.
  • Rest all are throwing stuffs here and there , so to blame the poor for the dirt is not appropriate.

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