Bar Graphs Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

Here you will find free bar graph printable worksheets to help your child learn to read, interpret and draw bar graphs at a second-grade level.

As in today’s world, it is very important for every child to know basic things like what is a bar graph and simple calculations. Our worksheets will help your child understand basic bar graphs and calculations.


Bar Graphs Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

Juice Store Bar Graph

  1. The basic calculations-This worksheet will help your child perform basic calculations like understanding the numbers and marking them.
  2. Understanding basic bar graphs-Bar graphs are a very important part of mathematics and understanding them will help your child a lot in mathematics.
  3. Improves English and writing habits-This worksheet will help to improve English and recognise what to fill in each blank.
  4. Fun Activity-It will be a very fun activity for your child if they need any help you should provide them which will help to increase their interest.

Tool Bar Graph

  1. Improving Mathematics-This worksheet will improve your child’s mathematics as some basic calculations and bar graphs are involved in it.
  2. Understanding Images-As bar graphs are marked above the images children’s will be able to understand the images and then mark their graph above the image.
  3. Improves writing habits and spellings-After solving this worksheet your child will understand the spelling of the tools mentioned and you can also help them and tell the uses of tools.

Favourite colour bar graph

  1. Understanding calculations-Some calculations are to be done in some questions which will help your child write numbers and calculate them too.
  2. Knowledge of bar graph – After this worksheet your child will know what bar graph is and how to do them.
  3. Recognising colours – Children’s will be able to understand what is the name of colours and recognise them.
  4. Interesting activity -This will be a very interesting activity for children’s as they love colours. Children’s find it very interesting of various colours are involved in a worksheet.

After solving these worksheets your child will understand basic bar graphs and how to use them and also improve their English by writing their names.

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