Vocabulary Naming Body Parts Worksheet

We know that kids at an early age are always curious beings. This is why it’s the best time to feed them with knowledge in a fun way. Our surroundings are the best way to learn from. And to introduce little kids to our body parts we are presenting a colorful worksheet that is filled with interesting pictures. These worksheets will teach your kids about their body parts and what are they called. It is important to know about each and every body part and the knowledge starts with their identification. these worksheets will be a fun way to know about them.

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Body Parts Vocabulary Worksheet

This worksheet contains cute little children like yours pointing at their body parts. and above it, the names of the body parts have been given. As you read them with your kid as them to point their body part as written in the worksheet. Try to revise it again and again.

Again we have got more new kids that are teaching about more new body parts.  you can ask your kids to copy them. Do this exercise again and again and show them these pictures. Help them to revise it all. You can ask them where is your head or where are your fingers.

Now in this worksheet different body parts are shown with the help of their pictures. Ask your kids where are these body parts in their bodies. And make it a fun activity. Help them to learn the spellings of the body parts and their names

Now it’s time for some fun activity. Below each picture of the body part, the name of that part is given. Now your kids have to identify the body part and complete its spelling by filling in the missing letters.  If they feel stuck or can’t remember the name or the spelling teach them from the above-given worksheet. These worksheets will help them to be pro in naming and recognizing different parts of their body. This is going to improve their vocabulary a lot. We suggest you print these papers in order to revise them in the future.

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