Best Level 1 Books for Early Readers

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Reading is one of the essential skills that every child should acquire at a young age. But when it comes to developing this important skill in beginners it becomes a tough challenge for parents and teachers. To solve this problem for parents and teachers, Kidpid is here with an amazing reading booklet that will help your child develop reading skills in a very fun and interesting way. In this study material, there are multiple reading comprehension are given along with beautiful animated pictures that will help your child to practice reading in a fun manner. The beautiful outlet and the colorful pictures are so mesmerizing that they can easily grab the attention of young learners.

This booklet is perfectly suitable for kids in pre-primary and first grade. The biggest advantage of practicing from a cool booklet is that children won’t lose interest while reading and remain concentrated and motivated the whole time while practicing. And when children put their full concentration they learn effectively. So let your child experience the best technique to develop reading skills with Kidpid.


Let’s Read

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Let's Read

Let’s Read Hen

Let's Read Hen

Let’s Read Cow

Let's Read Cow

Let’s Read Dog

Let's Read Dog

Let’s Read Bat

Let's Read Bat

Let’s Read Cat

Let's Read Cat

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Let’s Read Frog

Let's Read Frog

Let’s Read Lion

Let's Read Lion

Let’s Read Duck

Let's Read Duck

Let’s Read Sheep

Let's Read Sheep

Let’s Read Goose

Let's Read Goose

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Let’s Read Hippo

Let's Read Hippo

Let’s Read Rabbit

Let's Read Rabbit

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