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The sun is the biggest celestial body in the solar system. It is a medium-sized star, and the cosmos is filled with stars of the same size. The sun is present at the earth’s centre, and the planets revolve around it. According to scientists, the sun is spherical in shape and it consists of a mass of heated plasma present inside the sun. It is crucial for the survival of our planet since it provides us with the energy we need for life to exist.

The sun is essentially a huge sphere that illuminates due to the presence of heated gases. Helium and hydrogen are the two principal gases that make up the sun. It contains 28% helium and 70% hydrogen. The other hot gases present in the sun are oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. Other elements include silicon, neon, sulphur, and magnesium. The sun is a tremendously bright star that is 400,000,000 times more luminous than the full new moon. The sun is located about 150 million kilometres from the planet earth on average. All of the energy that the earth receives comes from the sun. Nearly all processes taking place on the surface of the earth receive their energy from the sun.

The sun is a whirling ball of gases energized by ongoing nuclear processes. The earth receives very little sunlight from the sun and other celestial bodies. The majority of the sun’s energy is lost on the journey to the earth. The planet receives a very small fraction of the total output.

The energy of the sun is generated at the centre of the sun. It acts as a massive nuclear furnace where nuclear atoms combine to produce helium atoms with the support of the fusion process. Energy is transmitted from the sun’s centre to its outer regions during this process, which happens inside the sun.

The solar system and our lives both depend on the sun. It gives us solar energy here on Earth.

Crops are grown with the help of solar energy obtained from the sun. The crops also rely on the sun for growth and food production. The sun’s radiation also heats up our planet earth.

Apart from this, the water cycle is also supported by solar energy, as it evaporates the water from the surface of the earth to form clouds. Also, most of the household work depends on sunlight. We use sunlight for drying clothes and food. Hence, the sun offers many advantages that improve our life much simpler.

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