Best Preschool and Childcare in Armagh (Northern Ireland, UK)

Armagh , smallest and most beautiful city of Ireland is known for ancient monuments and scholars. The place also has lots of good preschools for your young lad so if you are residing here and searching for a preschool , we can be great help to you. Some of the preschools of this area are-


Best Preschool and Childcare in Armagh (Northern Ireland)

1. College Farm Nursery School

Originally a farm building, the nursery was opened on 4th January 1999 offering 52 places to children of nursery age. The students of St Patrick’s College came down to the farm daily to feed the horses, thus it was named ‘College Farm Nursery School’. The nursery has a beautiful art gallery and young lads eagerly wait for the ice cream van which comes daily. The nursery has different areas of play like sand play, water play, reading corner, music area, maths area and many more. Outdoor play is an important part of the curriculum. Children are given access to large open area where they can dig in the sand pit, play on the climbing frame, plant vegetables in the planters, ride the scooters and play in the outdoor kitchen. It is situated in a safe location and is managed by experienced staff.

  • Location- Desart Lane Lower, Armagh BT61 8AN, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +442837524213

2. Saints and Scholars Integrated Primary School

The nursery strives hard to make the dreams of parents and young children come true by providing them excellent early education. Music, mathematical skills, art, craft is part of daily curriculum. Children celebrate sports day, dance day and take part in various activities of the nursery. The nursery grooms children where they are taught basic values, social and communication skills. The nursery has a lush green playground where children spend large amount of there time. A flexible time table ensures that children do not lose their energy and are active. It generally starts at 8:00 AM and has different interactive sessions.

  • Location- Killuney Park Rd, Armagh BT61 9HG, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact – +442837510113

3. Railway Street Nursery School

In Railway Street Nursery School is committed to provide caring atmosphere where the well- being of the children is the top priority. It has been working on providing high quality early education for 77 years.

The school  starts from 9.00am until 1.30pm and accommodates children aged 3 to 4. The school believes that every child is unique and teachers help kids to learn and feel proud about their own achievements, and experience feelings of success, so that they are ready to go onto Primary School as confident little ones. The school’s motto is ‘ life is a journey – play, learn and grow together’.

  • Location- Railway St, Armagh BT61 7HP, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +442837523472

4. The Grove Nursery School

This nursery school, under the auspices of the Education Authority, provides free education to 52 children in their pre-school year. All teaching is linked to the six areas of the Northern Ireland Pre School Curriculum including Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSE), The Arts (music, art, dance, imaginative play), early Mathematical Experiences, language and literacy and many more. The aim of the school is to provide a safe and happy environment where each child feels valued and loved and emphasis is given on giving each and every child individual time and attention. Motto of the nursery is ‘where every child is special’.

  • Location- Ballynahone Cres, Armagh BT60 1EE, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +442837527487

5. Desart Lodge Nursery

It is a daycare Nursery in Ireland run by dedicated and experienced staff. The preschool provides a calm, natural environment for children aged 0 – 5 years. All children have easy access to safe, secure, outdoor areas which enables them to choose their preferred learning space. All the staff are passionate about their profession and work with the parents to ensure the progress and growth of their child. Child progress report helps parents to get feedback of their child.

  • Location- 101 Cathedral Rd, Armagh BT61 8AE, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +442837524213

6. Scotwell Nursery

The nursery caters to the age group of 0-12 years.  Some of the services offered by the nursery are school pick and drop off, breakfast club and many other. The school is opened  Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6pm. Summer camp, children day out is also part of curriculum. Children are taught basic values and early skills. Safe environment ensure that parents feel safe to send their child everyday.

  • Location- 6 Umgola Rd, Armagh BT60 4AY, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +442837511917

7. Dara Playgroup

Playgroup nurtures and trains young lads by giving them all resources to learn and play .The playgroup has received positive response from parents. Children learn to express themselves through different interactive activities and gain social exposure.  Flexible time table ensures that your kid is happy and energetic throughout the day.

  • Location- 21-1 Drumarg Villas, Armagh BT60 4AP, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +442837526539

8. Early Bird Pre School

Early Bird is an outstanding preschool in Armagh with excellent infrastructure and lush green area for children to play. The preschool believes that children learn more when they play and enjoy. Security of kids is utmost priority. Children are nurtured and provided utmost care so that they feel lively and homely.

  • Location- Jennys Row, Armagh BT61 9AP, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +442837510839

Preschool are a special place for a child where they spend most of the time outside their home. A good preschool not only helps a child to grow intellectually but also gives him immense confidence to face the outside world. These preschool have good response from parents and children.

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