Best Preschool and Childcare in Rochester (USA)

Are you looking for best Preschools and Childcare to join your children? Preschools are many in number but it depends on choosing which are the best schools to join the children. In children life this is the most important stage , so you need to checkout all the schools and keep them in the best ones.

If you are living in Rochester and finding for best preschools then you are at a right place. Mentioning the best preschools and childcare in Rochester.

Preschools and  childcare play major role in the children life. Here the children start learning about the primary education. With education they also learn about social well being , friendships, moral values and human ethics.


Best preschools and childcare in rochester (USA)

1. Browncroft Day Care Center

Browncroft day care center is one of the best childcare center in Rochester. The school is accepting enrollment for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years old. They offer a full day care service.

The staff  look after kids with utmost care. the goal of Browncroft Day Center is to provide exceptional early childhood education program treating each child as an individual and enrich the children to foster the optimum growth of social, academic and emotional level.

The day care teaches children the self help and also the self discipline methods. Children can learn many new things everyday from the day care

  • Location – 933 Atlantic Ave , Rochester , NY 14609 , UNITED STATES
  • Contact- +1 585-288-3271

2. Full Heart Child Care

Full Heart Child Care is a very spiritual preschool in Rochester. Here  they make the kids learn about healthy habits are also the school creates a safe environment to the children. In  Full Heart Child Care  they explain kids about various topics with are both conceptual and practical. The child care also provides various skills to the kids .

There will be very innovative education. The school embraces the diversity and focuses on creating a family atmosphere. Positivity and wellness are the main aspects which can be seen here.

Very strong communication skills are taught to the students . And also the discipline is taught. These two play a very auspicious role in children in their upcoming future.

  • Location- 1300 Winton Road North , Rochester  ,NY 14609
  • Contact – +1 585-953-5473

3. Holy Cross Preschool

Holy Cross Preschool is a very ethical and significant preschools in  Rochester. They develop kids creativity using many significant and social skills and also they play a major role in teaching discipline for the children . The purpose of the preschool is to provide the children of the community a quality preschool experience by providing each child an individual curriculum that is based on the child’s developmental level.

Children who ages from 2 years to 5 years can be enrolled into the preschool. They also conduct the summer camps for the children and take them to explore it. This gives kids more enthusiasm and also they learn about many new things.

  • Location – 4488 Lake Ave , Rochester , NY 14612
  • Contact – +1 585-663-6533

4. Creative Beginnings Child Care

Creative Beginnings Child Care includes child care center , dayschool, preschool , wraparound care and educator. The categories include both academic and preschools.

The school offers a stimulating curriculum to the children which is filled with age related activities to develop their memory skills and also appropriate activities that strengthen academic as well as social skills. The center provides a very friendly environment where children are free to explore everything.

The child care encourages children to interact positively with elders. They also concentrate on teaching the children to express their feelings and emotions in a constructive way. Creative Beginnings also conduct the summer camps for children to enjoy themselves through the period and also learn things by their specific interests.

  • Location: 2881 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14662, US]
  • Contact: +1 585-323-2650

These are the suggestions for the best Preschool and Childcare in Rochester. Take a right step while choosing the preschool because it is the implementation seed of educational life in your children life.


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