Best Preschool and Childcare in Blue Mountains, NSW (Australia)

The Blue Mountains, situated on the western side of Sydney is a popular tourist attraction of Australia. It has many suburbs located near it. Major suburbs near Blue Mountain are Blaxland, Blackheath, Leura, Hazelbrook, and Warrimoo. In our list, we will discuss those Preschools and Child care centres situated in or closest to the beautiful Blue Mountains so that it may be easy for you to decide on a good preschool.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Blue Mountains, NSW (Australia)

1. Wattle Glow Early Learning

This childhood program is a part of Blue Mountain Steiner School where a holistic atmosphere is provided to young kids so that they can be creative learners. Circle time, music, indoor play is an important part of the preschool curriculum. The playgroup is for 0-3 years kids the cost of which is $150 per term. Huge importance is given to creative and bush play. The playgroup opens from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. Long daycare service is also offered to children between the age of two to six years. Besides this, a kindergarten program is also available where educators teach children about numbers and language skills. Events like planting seeds and collecting leaves enable kids to know about nature.

  • Location- 83 Clear View Parade, Hazelbrook NSW 2779, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61247586044

2. Bush Babies Childcare Pty Ltd

Situated at a distance of 13 minutes from Blue Mountain. A good feature about childcare is that all the classes are held in an open place in the natural environment to make them aware of the value of nature and its resources. The food given to kids is grown in the vegetable garden of the campus. The child care also has many chickens kept which is the main highlight for children. The best part is that the fees is quite low. The child care has a variety of toys and scooters which kids love. Besides playing, kids are taught subjects like numeracy and social sciences. Kids are given interesting projects so that they can learn to reason and think critically.

  • Location-  89/91 Rickard Rd, Warrimoo NSW 2774, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+ 61247536822

3. Blue Gum Montessori Preschool

Blackheath is located at a distance of 2.3 km from Blue Mountain. This preschool situated here welcomes children from two and half years to six years. This Preschool has been serving locals of Blue mountain for over 40 years. It is based on the philosophy of developing early skills so that children become self-regulated and self-confident individuals. They are taught to respect others and ask questions. The preschool has a unique program where kids learn to sew, care for plants, prepare a simple meal, clean, and dust. Skills like writing and reading is also emphasized so that they can learn to help themselves. History and cultural lessons enable kids to be proud of their country, know about the world, and valuable resources like water. Local songs and instruments are taught here so that kids know about the rich culture of Australia and their descendants. The preschool ensures to bring a good change in these kids.

  • Location- 95 Wentworth St, Blackheath NSW 2785, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247875075

4. Blaxland Preschool

This Preschool situated in Blaxland has been providing excellent early education to children of the lower Blue mountain region for over 50 years. The preschool has an exceeding National Quality Standards rating. It ensures that kids develop skills in the enthusiastic environment of this Preschool. Families are important for the welfare of a child and their involvement in the day to day activities of the preschool helps children to be active learners. The kids here are given knowledge about the rich culture and tradition so that children learn to respect their nation and tribes here. The preschool opens Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Kids are given exposure to activities like construction, craft, and playing, singing so that they develop early skills. Kids play sports to develop physical fitness and qualities like leadership and coordination at a young age.  Activities and routines are planned by educators with the aim to enrich a child’s learning experience.

  • Location- Cnr Boorea St and Park Ave NSW 2774, Australia.
  • Website-
  • Contact-+0247392086

5. Katooma Leura Preschool

Katoomba is the nearest town located at a distance of 2.3 Km from Blue Mountains. Katooma Leura Preschool situated here serves three to five-year-old children of the nearby area. The preschool aims to provide special attention to each and every child through meaningful techniques and activities. Kids here are encouraged to think creatively. It is quite popular for providing quality education in the area. Kids are taught about the importance of the natural environment and resources like forests, water, rocks, etc. It is a nonprofit Preschool that believes that the involvement of parents in the learning journey of children is helpful in their sustainable development. Based on this philosophy, it organizes parents meeting every month. Staff and parents work in collaboration to ensure a good future for the children.

  • Location- 32/36 Lett St, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61247821639

6. Little Miracles Preschool and Long Day Care

It is at a convenient location and takes less than 40 minutes from Blue Mountains. This Preschool enrols kids from six weeks up to six years. It has different, beautiful rooms for children of each age. This place also has three outdoor areas and a large verandah for kids to have a good time here. Kids are encouraged to make decisions like what they want to play. Such an approach helps them to develop qualities like decision making, risk-taking, etc. Rock climbing, slides, riding scooters are some of the favourite activities of children. Children are taught to take care of birds and animals. Children love to care for chickens that are present here. Opening hours are 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. The staff is highly cooperative and friendly.

  • Location- 28-30 Layton Ave, Blaxland NSW 2774, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247390990

7. Leura Child Care Centre

This child care situated close to Blue Mountains caters to children between the age of zero to six years. It opens at 7:30 am. The aim of this child care is to provide a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere where families and educators work together for the upliftment of children. The child care’s learning program is based upon the traditional values and tribal culture of Blue Mountains. Huge importance is given to free and adventurous play as it enables children to be happy individuals. Every child is motivated and valued here. Child care also works to support families and carers of children. The curriculum designed by this child care is Child based as it believes that kids grow at their own pace and their interest enables them to learn quickly. Advice and guidance of families are appreciated by staff members who try their best to implement that advice.

  • Location- 103 Railway Parade, Leura NSW 2780, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247841691

8. Children’s House Montessori

This Preschool welcomes children from the age of two years up to five years. Opening hours of the Montessori are 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. A distinctive feature is that it allows kids to attend the Montessori for two, three or five days a week and fees also depend upon the days attended per week. The classrooms have an active atmosphere where kids calmly participate in different activities and groups. Lifelong skills like mopping, cleaning, polishing are taught to kids so that they develop qualities like concentration, balance, hand coordination etc.

They are given exposure to numbers and early mathematical skills through puzzles and games and language skills where they learn about shapes of alphabets. Kids are taught about the rich history of the nation and given knowledge about body parts and their functions. Music, dance, craft, and playtime are also part of the curriculum. Observation sessions are also held by parents where they come and observe the performance of these stars.

  • Location- 7 St Georges Cres, Faulconbridge NSW 2776, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247515991

9. Greenwood Katoomba Daycare

This child care provides long daycare service and early education and its ideal location is beneficial for families residing in Katooma and Blue Mountains region. Child care is a good and loving place for kids where they are provided with nurturing and caring environment.

Few services offered here are quality early kindergarten and preschool programs, healthy and tasty meals, specialized programs for kids, and long daycare. Modern learning technology is based on a child’s psychology and research which helps kids to grasp varied things easily. To make learning enjoyable, child care has an adventurous playing area where kids are taught while they are playing. Nappies and wipes are also provided in the child care. Kids here participate in sustainable programs like planting where they are taught to value and appreciate nature and the natural environment.

  • Location- 2 Dora St, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +611800413921

Based on ratings and reports, these were some of the trustworthy preschools providing excellent early education services to the areas of the Blue Mountains. These Preschools are quite popular in the area because of the good education system of these nurseries and child care centres. Besides these have been given good ratings by National agencies of Australia.  A visit to these Preschools can further help you to make accurate decisions about where your child will learn and enjoy the most.

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