Best Preschool and Childcare in Penrith, NSW (Australia)

The word preschool has been taken from the system of education which was derived by able child psychologist Montessori. Though we have a name of the class in Preschools after his name. But this system of education is precisely devised for children who have crossed their infant age and are growing towards childhood. The age which it caters is between 2.5 years to 5/6 years depending upon the age when the child starts the education.

It is said that children learn faster and their mind grasps best at this age hence they are provided with tasks and challenging activities that can shape their personality. Just like a pot maker shapes a pot when the mud is damp. Here are few best schools in fact preschools which have their location in Penrith.


1. Bright Stars kindergarten

This Preschool situated in Penrith has been rated as “Exceeding” by the National Quality Standards of Australia. This renowned Preschool has already set a high standard on providing excellent education, growth, and development of children. The preschool has a unique curriculum for children known as the” Rising Stars Early Learning Curriculum” specifically designed according to the strength, abilities, interests of children. Committed educators help, guide and support children so that their early education can be fun. The best thing is that the preschool uses the latest technology and up-to-date equipment to teach children. It has beautiful classrooms, a commercial kitchen, and a large adventure playground. Its mobile application has made connectivity with parents more easily.

  • Location- 164 Stafford St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247215972

2. Tandara Children’s Centre

Child care has been working for over 40 years to make a difference in society by looking after well being of kids between the age of six weeks to twelve years. Child care is based on the vision of providing quality education to kids so that they can thrive to their fullest. Few of the services offered by the child care are vacation care, Preschool care ( for 3 to 4-year-old kids), out-of-school hours care ( for 5 to 12-year-old children), and mobile van. Kids are given exposure to extracurricular activities like music, photography, and yoga. Besides mentoring students, this child care parent program. It works as per regulations of the government and national agencies.

  • Location- 217 Evan St, South Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247327844

3. Penrith Montessori Academy

The preschool situated in a calm locality welcomes children between six weeks to six years. The preschool ensures that children are provided with healthy meals and safe pick-up and drop-off services. There are different rooms for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and are equipped with storybooks, games, and soft toys. The preschool also has a mud kitchen, slide, water play, outdoor space for children to enjoy. Different dynamic programs ensure that children of each age can maximize exposure and growth. The preschool teaches communication and leadership skills to these kids.

  • Location- 15 Evan St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+611300000162

4. Penrith Early Learning Centre

The learning Centre opens from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and caters to the needs of children between the age of zero to six years. It not only educates children but also provides the necessary support and help to families. The nursery ensures that the professional staff looks after the necessities and comfortability of each and every child. The curriculum depends upon the interest of the child. The learning strategies of children is recognized by educators. The preschool lays special emphasis on teaching children the importance of nature and its resources so that they get to know about do’s and don’ts at a young age.

  • Location- 120 Woodriff St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61432430042

5. Innovative Early Learning Kingswood

The preschool welcomes children above six weeks of age up to school-going age. Every activity of the preschool is based upon the interest and strength of the child. The staff works passionately with children so that their learning can be strengthened. A child’s ideas and responsiveness is highly appreciated by educators. Children learn qualities like respectfulness, friendship, and empathy. A unique feature about the preschool is that it has a story park which is an online space where parents and educators collaborate to ensure maximum support to a child where parents and educators collaborate

  • Location- 9/7-11 Caloola Ave, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61247228978

6. Kradle 2 Krayon Child Care Centre

It provides long daycare services where children learn in a healthy and safe environment. Parents’ involvement and collaboration are highly encouraged by the child care. Child care aims to make every child a responsible and active decision-maker. Cultural practices and principles are reflected in the learning program of child care as it enables children to celebrate their diversity. Child care ensures equal and uniform treatment to children irrespective of their gender, disability, religion, and region. Child care aims to provide a secure, homely atmosphere to children. Activities and programs of child care aim to boost the confidence and self-esteem of these little stars so that they can grow as valuable people in the future.

  • Location- 135-137 High St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61247217607

7. Green Garden Childcare

The preschool aims to create an atmosphere for children which is based on respect and mutual understanding so that children can enjoy their learning hours and prepare themselves for school and later for life. Children are given the opportunity to do want they want and are always under the supervision of professional staff. They love performing activities like a kitchen set up, shopping set up, etc. They are taught about sportsmanship, literacy skills, and social skills so that they can develop and excel in different fields and areas. The preschool always welcomes feedback and suggestions.

  • Location- U49/18-22 Colless St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247892008

8. Spunky Monkeys Early Learning Centre

Besides Penrith, this child care has different centres located in Bangor, Lemongrove, and Cranebrook and enrols zero to six-year-old children.  Child care aims to develop problem-solving, leadership, and decision-making abilities in children. It has a stimulating environment where children are independent to acquire knowledge, relax, gossip, play, tell stories and run. The activities are designed by educators as per child psychology and research. Playgrounds and sports areas enable kids to be physically fit, healthy, and mentally strong because if they will be physically and mentally fit then they will grow at a fast pace.

  • Location- 167 Jamison Rd, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247210122

9. Greenwood Penrith

It is a popular child daycare center situated at an ideal location of Penrith for providing care and early education to children between the age of six weeks up to six years. Childcare offers a special and sustainable program where children find it easy to explore and express themselves. Kindergarten and preschool education helps children to enter the school phase with high confidence by making their base strong. Teachers of child care are quite passionate about their work and ensure the safety and security of kids. Number and literacy skills, knowledge about the world and social sciences, artistic skills improve their personality, reasoning, and critical thinking. The child care also has a large outdoor playing area for the enjoyment of kids.

  • Location- 33 Mountain View Cres, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +611800413921

10. Platypus Playground Children’s Centre

The opening hours of the preschool are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for children between zero to six years old. The preschool aims to teach, educate, motivate and guide kids so that they can smoothly transit to school. The playschool does not charge for public and bank holidays, unlike some schools. Trained teachers are always ready to solve the problems and doubts of children and provide cuddle them. Kids are often taken for educative and informative visits to museums, zoos, and art galleries. Nutritional food and yoga enable kids to be healthy and physically strong. Kids direct their own play and activities. Parents are often provided with a child’s progress report so that they can also contribute to developing a child’s personality. Special care, attention, and love are provided to each and every child so that they do not feel an outsider.

  • Location- 61 Wardell Dr, South Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-+61247363034

11. Kindy4Kids Child Care Centre

The child care situated near Penrith train station provides a welcoming atmosphere to children between the age of zero to six years. It has a team of dedicated staff whose main purpose is to make learning passionate and enjoyable for children. The fees charged by the preschool depend upon age and are affordable. To make children comfortable in the new environment, it has air-conditioned and fully equipped rooms. Zumba and dance classes, painting, art, and craft workshops enable children to develop interests and acquire social skills. The preschool trains kids to perform different tasks themselves so that they can learn to face problems. Children celebrate different festivals and days with great enthusiasm and zeal.

  • Location- Level 3/21 Station St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61247211244

These were some of the good preschools and child care centres situated in or near Penrith. You can enrol your child in the nearest preschool after enquiring so that he can get exposure to early education and enter the school phase with an enormous amount of energy and confidence.

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