Best Preschool and Childcare in Fort Wayne (USA)

Infancy to the age of 5 years is the most beautiful and stimulating time period in a child’s life. These years have proven to be very sensitive for a child’s brain as they tend to learn and understand great things during this time. Working parents find it difficult to co- ordinate their work simultaneously with their children’s growth. The best option in such cases are Preschools and Childcares. Not only working parents, non- parents also prefer to enrol their kids into these learning centers due to the quality of care and education they provide, and most importantly, children learn to socialize and communicate which makes them confident and independent.

Preschools and childcares have numerous benefits about which we have discussed further in the article. We have also enlisted some of the best preschools and childcares in Fort Wayne USA to make it a easier search for parents in the locality.


Preschool and Childcare in Fort Wayne (USA)

1. Kiddie Academy

At Kiddie Academy trust the staff to empower your child with every tool required for their wholesome development, education and growth. They have highly professional teachers who form the best guidance for your children. They allow the children to learn at their own comfortable pace, without forcing any curriculum over them.

The school has  implemented the Our Life Essentials learning approach curriculum in their school which encourages the children to have a very fruitful and fun learning process. The teachers here nurture your child in the most warm way possible allowing them to explore, learn, experiment and discover new things everyday.

The school is committed to the health and safety of your children and have a very secure premises follow strict guidelines for sanitization and this infection. All of their staff is CPR and first aid trained.

  • Location- 9336 Illinois Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-440-3601

2. Kids Zone Preschool

Kids Zone Preschool is a licenced bilingual childcare centre who enrol children aged 6 weeks- 12 years old into their homely and caring center where they take care of each and every child and showered them with personalised attention.

The children here are allowed lots of fun activities, scientific experimental activities, arts and crafts activities, fun games dress ups, celebrations, painting, outdoor activities and lots of educational activities to keep the children engaged throughout the day and make them learn useful things through playful activities.

  • Location- 4145 Hessen Cassel Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-225-3130

3. Fort Wayne KinderCare

The kindercare is very conveniently located near Albert Road and East DuPont Rd, which is quite easily accessible for the families who are interested to visit our quality care centre. The kindercare guarantees such unique activities and curriculum that shall be the backbone of your Child’s unique development and growth into strong leaders for future.

The school not only aims to excel your child akademically, but also mould you child into an empathetic, positive and socially aware individual who can  contribute to developing the society. The staff here is very supportive and professional who supervise your child throughout the day and leave no chance for anyone to get hurt in the school premises.

They offer-

  • Early Education Programs Overview
  • Infant Daycare
  • Toddler Daycare
  • Discovery Preschool
  • Preschool Program
  • Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Transitional kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Interactive Kindergarten

The school also an industry- leading health and safety measure in their campus and also offer distance learning support for elementary school kids and grade K- 6.

  • Location- 2008 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-755-2905

4. Lindenwood Preschool

…where seeds are planted and where little wings grow”

Deirdre cosy, home based and licensed Christian believe based preschool who have been serving the Lindenwood and surrounding areas for more than two decades and have excellent experience in early childhood education. The school offers very spacious interiors that is very clean and organised, letting the children free movement around the place and enjoy their time at the school. They have in kindergarten readiness academic curriculum which teaches them fun ways of learning, writing, math, language and more.

The teacher strives to inculcate creative ideas into their learning process so that no child is bored and enjoys their process of learning various useful things. The children are engaged in lots of artworks like painting, colouring, tools of art like pencils and markers come on glue and papers etc.

The children are showered with lots of entertainment activities, structure development activities like blocks building and many others.

  • Location- 1825 Lindenwood Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-433-2395

5. A+ Childcare

The childcare is dedicated to ensuring a secure, warm and nurturing  environment for your child where they can not only grow physically but have an all round personality and character involvement which can make them strong individuals for the future. This strive to instil social, emotional and moral values into the children’s character as well as develop them intellectually, academically and physically in such an environment which enhances and adds up to their self confidence and confidence, self esteem and creativity.

The school offers a very spacious and secure outdoor play area equipped with lots of fun activities and games that keeps the  children’s fun and entertainment aspect in check, as well as develops their motor and physical skills.

The interiors of the school is very beautifully decorated, organised and enables the children lots of fun indoor activities like dress ups, arts and crafts activities, block building, small tables and chairs etc.

  • Location- 4625 Virginia Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-482-4108

6. Kiddie Prep School

Kiddie Prep School Is a Christian based school that has been established in 1968 and is proud to be serving Fort Wayne and surrounding areas with the best possible childcare in the neighbourhood. They are accredited to the association of Christian Schools International.

School offers preschool/childcare that is a full day program available to the children aged 2 years to 5 years. Their staff maintains highest quality of early childhood education in their age appropriate programmes, prepping the children for kindergarten.

Their school age programmes are offered in the Christmas break for the children ageing 5 years to 12 years old. Summer camps are also offered to the children we have completed kindergarten and fall under the age of 12 years old along with interesting field trip activities like swimming, bowling, nearby tours, roller skating and a lot others. Meals are also provided to the children under this programme.

Their pre kindergarten programme is accredited with Christian values to leave a spiritual foundation in the children’s tender minds. The programme completely evaluates the child’s mind and character to prepare them into strong and solid individuals.

  • Location- 8611 Mayhew Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46835, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-485-7951

7. Messiah Lutheran Church

The school provides a very warm and comfortable Christian environment to contribute positively to the learning experience of your child come up provided a free age- appropriate curriculum. The children here are encouraged to learn on their own come on through practical experiments, explorer their surroundings, understand their own emotions and interest which in turn ensures their success as individuals.

The staff here takes full care of the basic needs and aspects of their development- intellectual, psychological, physical common cognitive, spiritual and emotional.

The school enrols children ageing 2 years- five years old, from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM come on Monday to Friday. The offer part- time as well as full- time options and have flexible schedules for parents to choose from.

Checkout the tuition fees of their programmes from their official website.

  • Location- 7211 Stellhorn Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46815, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-485-4613

8. Good Shepherd Preschool

Pre school is a ministry of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church that works as seriously towards benefiting the community and society. The school aims to create a warm and nurturing Christian environment that can instil the values of love, care, acceptance and forgiveness into the children so that they  grow up into positive individuals who are close to God.

The school teaches the children to be independent, disciplined, responsible and spiritual so that they can survive by themselves in the world.

They have a very age- appropriate curriculum which encourages every Childs involvement, engagement and an all round physical common mental and character development. There sensors, skills and motor activities are thoroughly exercised in the school through various activities of cooperation, enjoyment, physical activities, intellectual activities and experiences.

The school offers separate classes for different ages that have small class sizes, separate music classes and offer flexible extended care options.

  • Location- 4700 Vance Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46815, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 260-483-6454

The above list mentions some of the best preschools and childcares in Fort Wayne that serves the locality and surrounding areas with premium quality care and early childhood education. Dive into the in- depth details of every school from their websites mentioned above and also make sure to physically check the school campuses for your satisfaction.

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