Best Preschool and Childcare in Grand Prairie (USA)

The fulfilling list for the parents having the best knowledge of few best preschools and childcare in Grand Prairie where you can send your child in the safest end and for right early education. This list is having all details regarding their structure, curriculum, facilities, faculties, and all you want for your child to have.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Grand Prairie (USA)

1. Merryhill Preschool & Elementary School

The uniquely scheduled curriculum are made for each of the tiny toddies to enjoy along with learning, their simple motto is to teach children along with fun and full entertainment, the steps towards the bright future is started from an early age only, so teachers take it so seriously as they want every individual child to become a great explorer throughout the life. The properly scheduled classes are so effective that non of the child gets bored and their glimpse can be noticed by their parents.

Happily and carefully all children are sent to the playing area and proper care has been taken for each of them, the priority is the children of this preschool than anything else because they believe that this preschool is only because of these tiny toddies and without whom it won’t be able to make this preschool the best one in Grand Prairie.

  • Location- 711 West Arbrook Blvd Arlington, TX 76015
  • Website-
  • Contact- (817) 472-9494

2. La Petite Academy of Grand Prairie

These wonderful toys and games filled childcare is best one in Grand Prairie in which the children can learn with fun, the happy faces of teachers always keep children happy too, the bright future is in the hands of teachers so remembering this, all of them schedules the discussed curriculums for the children which is suitable for their particular ages as they also know one should only learn the things as he/she can be otherwise there will be no use of it.

The teachers want each and every individual child to express their feeling of learning new things and for this, they create a nurturing environment which is full of learnings and great activities that help children gets satisfied and relaxed. The basics are taught before moving to the new point as basic are the things that make all of us strong from the beginning. This is the best childcare in Grand Prairie.

  • Location- 290 Westchester Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75052
  • Website-
  • Contact- (833) 573-4937

3. Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy

The environment provided in this daycare is neat and tidy so for health as a parent you never have to worry about your child, the regular sensitized classrooms are also very safe for your child. The teacher in charge takes care of every single thing that happens as to is their responsibility to handle the child and each child gets proper attention due to the high teacher’s low student ratio.

The time to time snacks and meals are also given to the children to keep them always energetic and enthusiastic also they have been taken proper care as are taken by their parents in their home. The happy-minded child is because of a full stomach and not empty so from this all the children remain happy and seeing them the teachers are satisfied even there is no complaint against any one of them as all are trained and know how to handle small kiddos.

  • Location- 5100 Riverside Dr Irving, TX 75039
  • Website-
  • Contact- (469) 708-3734

4. Adonais Child Care

The well-established curriculums are supportive, creative, unique, and energetic for children because it has been made by proper investigating the children passion and their interests. They are having hard-working children and they generally get new opportunity daily to handle the children which they use to do very keenly and confidently through which all of them become so happy and remains satisfied.

The different playing rooms are made for each of the activities and toys through which there is no messing up of any children’s things. They also schedule different activities which makes them bold, energetic, socially strong, emotionally strong, and mentally strong. This support makes children all-rounder and is one of the best childcare in Grand Prairie.

  • Location- 2016 Park Place Blvd Bedford, TX 76021
  • Website-
  • Contact- (832) 507-2123

5. KidsPark

The nurturing environment is given in this childcare to children for being happy and learning new things, the happy atmosphere is created by the teacher by which each of the children remains happy and the attractive classrooms are special which use to get theme based decorated. The curriculum made includes art & craft, drawings, painting, singing, and many more exploring activities.

Not only the classrooms are interactive but the teachers are more interactive which never makes children feel bored or low, they are always there for their love, care, love, and support. They always know the children changing mood and without any hesitation knows how to handle their swing mood, these contributions of teachers along with children makes this childcare the best one in Grand Prairie.

  • Location- 309 Curtis Mathes Way 191 Arlington, TX 76018
  • Website-
  • Contact- (682) 323-4766

6. Children’s University

This daycare is situated near the farms which are having fresh air and pure sunlight, the classrooms of this daycare are having big windows from which the morning sunlight enters that gives children the energy and energetic mood. They ensure that as a parent you never have to worry about your child because they are the daycare’s responsibility and after completion of the daycare hours they will handle your child to your hands safely.

Children’s futures are taken so strictly and no compromise takes place by which children get fully learning activities that teach children along with good moral values. They create a cheerful day for the children which entertains them and few creative tasks are also given to them which include placing rings on pillars, building skyscrapers, puzzle-solving through which they will have to work through their mind that will establish concentration ability in them.

  • Location- 4621 Park Springs Boulevard Arlington, TX 76017
  • Website-
  • Contact- (972) 559-3970

7. Primrose School of Grand Peninsula

A nurturing environment is created which provides all good habits and values to all children individually which will help them explore their thinking and develop their intellectual power. The full guidance and support are provided to the children for making their energetic whole day and becoming an all-rounder one. This daycare is best in Grand Prairie for helping children develop their skills.

The motivated teachers are trained and CRP certified which teaches children for being good people throughout life, the more teachers fewer children formula is applied for giving proper attention to the children and to make them feel special and cared for in this daycare.

  • Location- 2430 N Grand Peninsula Dr Grand Prairie, TX 75054
  • Website-
  • Contact- (817) 477-0077

8. Kid’s Community Preschool

The well-structured infrastructure is created for the children where they can play and can enjoy themselves. After being the gift of God, each of the children is taken proper care of and are loved which helps them feel happy and cool. The proper guidance is given to each of them for being a good and explorer person throughout life. The all-time curriculum is designed which keeps children busy the whole day and teaches them something new always.

They provide the best early education and whole developmental programs which includes dancing, singing, playing puzzle, craft & art, writing, creative writing and many more which keeps children enthusiastic. The playground is big and is having trees for pure air and also having fruits about which the teachers use to teach children and they learn it properly for a long time. This is also the best one in Grand Prairie.

  • Location– 4165 Magna Carta Blvd, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 9726020444

This list is having all the information which can help you choose the best preschool or childcare in Grand Prairie and also you can ask any question or query from the contact details given.

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