Best Preschool and Childcare in Hibiscus Coast (New Zealand)

Best Preschool and Childcare in Hibiscus Coast (New Zealand)

Are you worried about the preschool and childcare for your child? Is your mind confused between the quality education and health perspective? Generally, most of the preschools are childcare don’t provide emergency services or transportation services. What if a single preschool has almost every facility that meets the requirement of parents for their child.

People always got stuck between things and enroll their children in a school where they are not comfortable and do not feel equal. They spent a lot of money on their child’s education and upbringing but they only face failure and losses. There are still some preschools that provide every single facility and resource which is essential for the early childhood education of children and the early hood education needs.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Hibiscus Coast (New Zealand)

1. Fame Preschool

Fame Preschool was established in 2001 and in the early childhood education that challenges children to explore the world and surroundings and become fully involved and attached with the nature animals and the people in their surroundings and divide their range and make some variety in the learning experience and method.

They are not the educated but the leaders and guide for the children who guide them for academic, social life, family morals and values, family emotions, and responsible. They want to make children strong enough because the children are the future of a nation and the future of a nation should be strong, confident, and ready to take any challenge in life whether it is related to themselves on the country.

  • Location- 6 Karepiro Drive Stanmore Bay, Hibiscus Coast
  • Website-
  • Contact- 09-428-5048

2. Apple education childcare and learning center

Apple education childcare and learning center was established in 2011 and providing its excellent services for the past 10 years. Daycare for children and develop a sense of awareness towards the world in which they are going to stay for their whole life.

They do not prefer a closed environment and place where children feel suffocated and darkness and on the other hand, they want to educate children in a natural environment where shouldn’t learn as well as play. They recognize and appreciate a child’s interest capacity and his choice for his/her life and respect his decision and correct them if they are wrong in something.

The educators and the staff members say that they feel a connection with the students and understand what is going inside their heads on hearts and want to solve every problem whether is related to education or disturbing their peace.

  • Location- 20–22 Cameron Street, Onehunga
  • Website-
  • Contact- 09 634 8000

3. Hannah’s House Early Childhood Education

Hannah’s House Early Childhood Education was started in 1997 and welcomes the children of hibiscus coast from the children of age between 0 to 5 years old it is a verified and licensed childcare that has a capacity of 34 students and doesn’t want to include many students because they believe in quality education and not only in quantity. They follow the Reggio Emilia approach which sees that the child Centre should focus on the idea and creation not only on the old methods of study which is sometimes become hectic and children went through pressure.

They say that there are several ways from which they can teach and educate children there are not only theory-based things but practicals that are more convenient for children as they learn by seeing not only listening. They are proud to run and natural environment program and educate children as the families and parents are quite happy with them and appreciate their efforts.

  • Location- 31 Thorburn Avenue Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast
  • Website- www. Hannahs
  • Contact- 09 426 9237

4. Kids Klub

Kids Klub operates and owns two private childcare centers with a professional team that is dedicated to the work duty and high-quality care and education of early-age children. The school welcomes children from 3 months to 6 year old and provide a vegetarian option in the food for a good diet and healthy meal. They have to take care of two centers which are Kids Klub Stanmore Bay Childcare and Kids Klub Glenfield Childcare.

They provide before and after school care, summer camp program, flex care, field trips, and transportation services with the education program. They dry to educate children practically and through art and crafts because students love this method and want to learn more and more. Kids Klub is the answer to every problem of parents who are busy with their work and want to educate their children well and make them good human beings.

  • Location- 3 Blue Heron Rise Stanmore Bay, Hibiscus Coast
  • Website-
  • Contact- 09 424 0095

5. Best start Preschool

Best start preschool is an early childhood education that has to categorize the students according to their ages in some classes that are infant care, toddler care, early preschool program, and preschool program. The Infant program includes some courses such as songs, arts, sensory experience, sense of touch from strangers, and nap time.

The toddler program includes guided play, circle time, group activities, book reading, communication skills classes, and understanding skill classes. The early preschool program has some different type of perspective wear the educator teacher-student to be independent and has social relationship and communication with others as they are not going to live in this world alone but with others.

Preschool program is a kind of mature program where they focus more on sports activities and education as well as social skills.

  • Location- 4 Alberto Lane, Silverdale, Hibiscus Coast
  • Website-
  • Contact- 099711149

Here are some preschools and childcare gave below which can help you in the selection of the best childcare for your child and their upbringing. The above-given preschools are situated in Hibiscus Coast and have a quite popular and respected please among the people of hibiscus Coast and the nearby. Have some time and search a bit about this preschool and contact them to know about the facilities and its education because it is going to be a big decision for your child’s early hood at future both.

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