Best Preschool and Childcare in Jacksonville (USA)

Are you looking for best Preschools and Childcare in Jacksonville? Are you worried about the environment in the school? Do you know why is it important to send your children to best Childcare and Preschool?

Preschool and Childcare play vital role in the role of children. This is the primary phase of their life where they get to know about social and emotional life. Children will learn early education with moral values and ethics. Children will get to explore about many things and also learn all the healthy habits. So , it is very important to join your children in best preschool. Here after filtering all the schools in Jacksonville, we found few of the best Preschools.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Jacksonville (USA)

1. Deerwood Academy Preschool

Deerwood Academy Preschool provides early education for children who ages from 6 weeks to 5th class children. Deerwood academy aims to give the children best possible education and keep them in a safe and secure environment.

Meals are provided which includes breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Teachers are very interactive and supportive with the children. The teachers strive to provide the best education for the children.

Parents will get to know about their kids everyday from the teachers. Curriculum is provided with fun activities and summer camps. These will help the kids to develop their creativity.

  • Location- 7575 Centurion Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256, United States
  • Contact- +1 904-807-9550

2. New Dimensions Learning Center

New Dimensions Learning Center teaches education for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Kindergarten program is also conducted for the children. Meals are provided which are very healthy and nutritious.

Parent Advisory Board is employed to collect impressions from the parents and implement them in the next month curriculum. Teachers are very friendly and easy going with the children.

High security is employed with the help of fingerprint checks when going into school and when coming out for the school. Educational field trips are scheduled frequently to make the children grow in every aspect.

  • Location- 3612 Belfort Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
  • Contact- +1 904-739-1062

3. Kiddie Academy of St. John’s

Kiddie Academy of St. John’s provide care for infants , toddlers, preschoolers, before school and after school program and kindergarteners. As the academy believes that every child has their own capability, curriculums are structured based on age appropriate categories.

Teachers will spend most of the time with children , helping them with completing activities and fun games. Care is provided by teachers and caretakers. With the new advanced technology , the Academy created a security plan for the children.

STEM program is included in the early education. Here, the child will get to grow in unity and also learn about the relationships and values with the other people.

  • Location- 14975 Walden Springs Way, Jacksonville, FL 32258, United States
  • Contact- +1 904-647-9186

4. The Discovery Tree Academy

The Discovery Tree Academy goals to keep every child in a safe and secure environment. They even provide a very clean and nurturing environment for the children. Breakfast and afternoon snacks are provided for the children with the healthy vegetables.

Curriculum is based age appropriately and also summer camps are conducted. In this summer camps children will learn activities like swimming and skating. These will empower the confidence in the children.

Transportation facilities are provided for the children both the pick ups and drop offs are offered. The children will be involved in all the activities in the school.

  • Location- 7629 Old Middleburg Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32222, United States
  • Contact- +1 904-779-1770

5. Palms Preschool and Childcare

Palms Preschool and Childcare aims to give the best early education programs for kids and also keep them in a very safe environment. They always try to make the children feel all the positive vibes. Spiritual environment is developed in the campus.

Food is cooked and provided for the children with healthy and fresh vegetables and also will take special cooking classes for the children. Here the children will be developed socially , emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Parents will get to know about their children on daily basis with the help of teachers. Tours are conducted regularly to make the children explore themselves and learn about everything.

  • Location- 3410 3rd St S, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, United States
  • Contact- +1 904-247-9083

These are few of the best Preschools and Childcare in the Jacksonville. All these schools provides best curriculum and environment for the children.

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