Best Preschool and Childcare in Savannah (USA)

As a parent, everyone wants their child to get a great and fulfilled early education. If you are searching for the best education preschool and childcare in Savannah (USA), then you are at the right place. This is a list of the best preschools and childcare in Savannah that will provide your child the epic knowledge and all good values which will be needed throughout their life, not only this, the preschool and childcare also supports the parents, discusses with them, and give them monthly report of their child’s curriculum and growth.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Savannah (USA)

1. Matthew Reardon Early Learning Academy

This preschool follows a great philosophy in which we all believe, that every child learns or grasps anything more fastly and easier if the teaching is done with fun and entertainment, so the teachers of this preschool tries to provide the best and happy early education to all the children. The learning programs are made by the teachers to develop children wholly, the activities like puzzle-solving and finger-play will increase the thinking ability of the children, the activities like speaking, writing, and discussing will increase the speaking and writing skills of the children, and the games like racing, jumping, and skipping will keep your child healthy and physically fit.

If your child is getting all the programs under one roof, then you should never compromise with their future, as this is the best preschool in Savannah, the preschool mainly focuses on children’s safety and security, those teachers are selected in this preschool who are trained and experienced. The enriched and top learning programs of this preschool are made by the teacher in charge and the whole staff, which will help your child to become the most enthusiastic and energetic one in this preschool.

  • Location- 11500 Middleground Rd, Savannah, GA 31419, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 912-228-8147

2. Gwendolyn M Jacobs

This is a daycare that provides care options before and after school, this daycare is for toddlers and preschoolers. The stimulating designed programs and activities of this daycare help your child to establish their capabilities of becoming energetic and becoming a good learner. The happy family and teachers meetings tell you everything about your child development and their passion which all teacher notices in this daycare.

This daycare is considered one of the best in Savannah because this daycare provides free snacks to all the children to make them feel happy and cheerful through which they will be able to learn things more quickly. The full transportation is provided to the children coming from far, and they ensure you send your child properly and safely to their home until they got handled by their parent. The happy environment provided in the school attracts the children and makes them keen to again come on the next day.

  • Location-  West 49th Street, Savannah GA 31405
  • Website-
  • Contact- (912) 695-0339

3. St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool

This preschool mission is to take every child to a higher point in the future, and for that this preschool prepares a special curriculum for all the children in which the children develop in few things but develop wholly and gain growth in fine motor skills, writing skills, speaking skills, gross skills, dancing skills, singing skills, listening skills and most important developing the capability of developing the task completion skills.

The preschool ensures you and takes the responsibility of your child to keep them safe and happy in these few hours which they use to spend in the preschool premises. For teachers, the basic goals are providing the best knowledge to the children, providing the best curriculum activities, providing the best and good habits to your child so you don’t have any complaints regarding your child, this support of teachers and children makes this preschool one of the best in Savannah.

  • Location- 10 W 31st St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 912-234-4255

4. Kicklighter Academy

Kicklighter Academy is a childcare center whose aim is to take proper care and providing a home-like environment to all the children. This is one of the best childcare in Savannah because they are having pride in themselves for being the best in care and teachings to the children for a long time without any complaints or issues. This childcare makes a blossoming environment, because of which the children feel fresh and happy over there, the teacher’s duty of this childcare is not only to provide the best activities but also to take care of each and every child like their parents, understanding the children’s mood, supporting and helping them what they want to do, guide them for the right and scold them for the wrong.

The whole childcare motto is to develop the child’s mind and making their way of thinking strong so they become prepared for their future. This childcare provides the homework on daily basis to all the children through which the child starts learning and start understanding the things beforehand.

  • Location- 7219 Seawright Dr, Savannah, GA 31406, United States
  • Contact- +1 912-355-7633
  • Website-

5. Urban Christian Academy & Day Care

The name of this preschool itself indicates the Christian Academy, which means that along with studies and teachings of good values, this preschool provides spiritual knowledge also to each and every child. Before starting the day, the teachers combined with the children do’s the prayer and then start the day that helps everyone present in the preschool premises feel safe and happy. The starting of the day should be by remembering the god and following the same all children do the same, this creates an environment that is full of nurturing and positive thinking.

The advanced spiritual and academic development of the children makes this preschool one of the best in Savannah and the curriculum designed are the best in making all-around development of the children, which includes- cycling, playing, rhymes chanting, reading, writing, listening, group discussion and many more.

  • Location- 4560 Acl Blvd, Savannah, GA 31405, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 912-234-4710

6. Roz’s Christian Daycare

This daycare provides a big playground which attracts most of the children in this daycare. The well-structured classrooms, enough spaces, no suffocation, bright lights, and neat and clean classrooms make the children feel happy all day and keep them enthusiastic and friendly with the teachers. The cameras are placed in each corridors, classroom, and even on the ground to take special care of the children with almost zero risks of anything wrong that can happen over here.

The daycare giving all the security along with all the best and great education and curriculum, then as a parent who doesn’t want to send their child in this daycare and this positive attitude of the teachers and children towards the parents and surrounding makes this daycare as the best in Savannah.

  • Location- 11908 Idlewood Dr, Savannah, GA 31419, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 912-925-5627

7. B & S Academy & Preschool

The supporting and trained teacher of this preschool makes this preschool one of the best in Savannah. The right guidance and understandings between children and teachers make a cheerful environment all around the preschool. The teachers are certified and they ensure you provide the best early education to your children along with monthly updates. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the children’s development their passion and also their hobbies.

The physical activities of this preschool are at the top because we all know that along with knowledge and intelligence one should be fit enough to stay happy and healthy. Following the same, activities made in the preschool is having many sports like games.

  • Location- 800 Colbert St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 912-232-6810

8. Happy Hearts Learning Academy

This daycare provides the activities which will help your child develop wholly, intellectually, cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially. The art & craft activities help children to explore their thinking and making something unique and new. These types of activities are provided to the children for developing them and making them an all-around student. The dramatic plays are also conducted in this daycare to build the confidence of the children which will help the children to become independent and enthusiastic throughout their life.

The uniqueness of this daycare is that they are having a very fewer student children ratio which gives benefit to every single child for discussing their problems and getting the solution, time-to-time the snacks are provided to the children for keeping their energetic whole day, and the teachers ensure to send your child safely after daycare hours with lots of love and care.

  • Location- 1190 King George Blvd, Savannah, GA 31419, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact-  +1 912-920-5022

This was all about these few best preschools and childcare in Savannah, hope this list will help you for sending your child to the best early education institute and if you want to know more about them, you can directly call them from the given contact number or you can also book a tour of these preschools and childcare.

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