Best Preschool and Childcare in Long Beach (USA)

Parents are the first school for any child. Children start to learn at an early age, whether it is related to educational or social life. In old days there were no facilities as smartphones or electronic gadgets, children were dependent only on school and home education. They were less efficient to explore and learn in various ways. At present time every person has the facility of smartphones, and electronic gadgets, they have the advantage of the internet, with the help of it they can search anything about any part of the world in just a minute.

The young generation has all the facilities for exploration, learning, and growing. They can not make any excuse regarding gaining knowledge. It is easy to learn anything at present time but they also need someone who can guide them about the things and the advantages. Parents have multiple works to do at a time. Preschools are the gate of light for any child, who needs them.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.~ William Butler Yeats

Are you living in Long Beach (USA) and worried about your child’s education and searching for the best Preschools and Childcare in your area. Here is a list which exactly matches your requirement. Have a look at the list-


Best Preschool and Childcare in Long Beach (USA)

1. LePort Montessori School Huntington Harbor

It was established in 2000 by Dr. Peter LePort- an Orange Country surgeon, businessman, and responsible parent. Doctor Peter has children and when it comes to their education, he faced some problems and ups and downs so he decided to do something about it and thought about the children similar to his children who need guidance, good education, and development of their minds. He decided to build an Educational Institute for children where they can learn with fun and creative activities, where they are safe and feel comfortable about the education and staff. LePort Montessori has a passionate and dedicated team of teachers, educational experts who are working hard for the bright future of the children, studying there.

They provide facilities as after-school activities, Soccer and yoga classes, and field trips for the better growth of students. It is one of the best and respectable educational institutes in Long Beach (USA).

  • Schedule- 7:30 AM-5:00 PM
  • Location- 16081 Waikiki Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  • Website-
  • Contact- (949) 541-9295

2. Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten

Oakwood Academy was established in 1960 to provide highly inspiring and quality education with various programs. The school b education at each possible level of ability and development. The institute is good and with its various programs as science, language, reading, maths, computer, arts, music, and dance also. They want to educate children not only on an academic level but want to groom them in every possible way they can with their creative and excellent programs.

The school invites parents to attend field trips and participate in the all-school functions to see the growth and development of their child and to suggest to schools about the changes they can make for better educational and social growth of children, which is their right.

  • Location- 3850 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach, CA 90807
  • Website-
  • Contact- (562) 426-6264

3. Kid Town USA Preschool & Kindergarten

Kid Town Preschool was established in 1980 and providing facilities and resources since then to the people of the USA. The school works on the theory – children learn and develop best in a secure, loving, and caring environment where there is a facility of nutritious and healthy food and a friendly atmosphere. They have a well-planned daily activities routine where they offer a clean Save environment to the children to provide them comfort, health, and good education. They have spacious rooms which are well occupied with crafts, toys, beautiful and comfortable chairs, desks, books, and playing equipment. The teachers of this school always make efforts to make a relationship with children because it is only the possible way, they can teach them well and earn their trust.

  • Location-13500 Paramount Blvd South Gate, CA 90280
  • Website-
  • Contact- (562) 630-0400

4. Nature’s Edge Child Development Center

Nature’s Edge Child Development Center is situated in (USA) and offering its facilities to the local area people. It is a licensed child care school that focuses more on the development of the mind than only academic education. This is a quality preschool that provides a secure, adaptable, highly hygienic, and safe environment. They have extra facilities which include potty training, healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The owner Ms. Jay is a well-educated and sophisticated woman, involved in childcare and education for over thirty years. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees both and using her education to main students’ confidence, successful and social activity.

  • Location- 2700 E 7th St Long Beach, CA 90804
  • Contact- (562) 588-9319

5. Belmont Shore KinderCare

Belmont School was established in 1969 and offering its facilities to the people of (USA) since then. It has various programs which includes- Infant Programs (6 Weeks – 1 Year), Toddler Programs (1 – 2 Years), Discovery Preschool Programs (2 – 3 Years), Preschool Programs (3 – 4 Years), Prekindergarten Programs (4 – 5 Years), Private Kindergarten Programs (5-6 Years).

It is the place where children can learn, explore, discover, and find their capacity and abilities. The authority and teachers are well educated, passionate, loving, caring, kind, and energetic and want to teach the students beyond the limits.

  • Location- 5251 E Las Lomas St Long Beach, CA 90815
  • Website-
  • Contact- (833) 936-2650

6. Little Sunshine House

Little Sunshine House was established in 2007 and providing high-quality education and facilities since then. The coordinator Nina Betonte wants to educate students about social, physical, emotional values and wants to teach them about morals and values and be good human beings.

  • Location- 4111 Katella Ave Los Alamitos, CA 90720
  • Website-
  • Contact- (562) 435- 1300

These preschools are providing the best and quality education, and working hard day by day. They are working hard and finding new ways to polish thier programs and facilities on daily basis. Go through the list and find the best preschool matches your requirements.

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