Best Preschool and Childcare in Paterson (USA)

Are you a resident of Paterson? And searching for the best and good preschool or childcare for your child, for their future. No more to worry, here is a list of the few best preschools and childcare in Paterson where you can send your child to a safe and happy place for better learning and high-quality early education, not only this, they all teach children different kinds of activities and curriculum to develop wholly.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Paterson (USA)

1. Home Sweet Home Daycare

With daily scheduled activities and a special curriculum, the teachers of this daycare are so hardworking that they change activities daily without any hesitations only for the tiny kids. They believe that small kids are gifts of god so should be cared for properly and lovingly. All teachers of the daycare are children lovers due to which they support each and every child individually. Teachers also feel too proud to be part of this daycare and contributing all this daycare becomes one of the best in Paterson.

The proper classrooms with neat and clean toys and desks benches will never make your child sick or ill, for all, there are all services provides in this daycare regarding each and every single thing, so as a parent you don’t have to worry a lot about them. The time to time feedback is also given to you per month for knowing your children’s progress.

  • Location– 45 E Madison Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-478-4200

2. Learning Ville Steam Academy

The experienced and master staff hold the command of this preschool. Established with a great curriculum and the right guidance, this preschool is the best one in Paterson for tiny tods because they know that every individual child is perfect in something and all different as all are having different capabilities and thinking capabilities, keeping the scenario’s of children in mind, the hard-working staff of this preschool prepares an awesome curriculum for all the children which mainly based on the all-round development of kids.

The special support and beautiful designed environment attract children more towards themselves because we all know that children are attracted more towards bright atmosphere where they are getting amazing decorations, lightening, and clean places. The activities which help children to adore and learn keep children too happy that they become keen for learning more new things in this preschool.

  • Location– 140 Howe Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-862-5565

3. Tutor Time of Saddle Brook

This preschool’s mission is to provide the best nurturing environment full of happy and cheerful programs. They mainly focus on the cleanliness of the environment where the children can play and can enjoy their timing spend over there in the preschool premises. They teach children daily routine activities from brushing their teeth to bathing and dressing up. All these efforts of the children and teachers make this preschool the best one in Paterson.

The newly designed curriculum is specially designed for children of different ages to grasp it properly. According to teachers, children of this age is having more power of grasping things accurately and confidently than any other age, keeping this in mind they support fully every child individually to become the self-confident and tricky-minded child.

  • Location– 368 N Midland Ave, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 855-887-8945

4. Paterson International Preschool

This International preschool is very popular in Paterson for providing their best activities and early education to the children, not only this, the preschool is having big classrooms which are clean always for all the children to study, learn, and play at the same place. The happy and cheerful activities help children to learn as well as to explore because by exploring one can remember it for a long time.

The scheduled curriculum is designed by every staff in a group because the discussion they do gives more important knowledge and their thinking regarding the small kids to nurture and to explore. The big playground is there which is having small bicycles and swings and a sea saw for children to play. The staff of this preschool ensures that for those few hours which your child is spending in the preschool is their responsibility to handle and to teach.

  • Location– 911 E 23rd St, Paterson, NJ 07513, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-279-9860

5. Allwood Play and Learn

This all-rounder preschool is courageous in providing the best education to the children to help them in exploration and experiencing the thing. A happy and cheerful environment is provided to the children to remain happy the whole day. The curriculum of this preschool is painting, art & craft, writing, reading, speaking, dancing, singing, and puzzle-solving.

The neat and tidy classrooms and the atmosphere is provided which will keep your child safe and secure in this environment. The happy faces of teachers always encourage children to explore and remain studious for learning more and more.

  • Location– 94 Chelsea Rd #1632, Clifton, NJ 07012, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-779-4844

6. Yshell’s Fun House Childcare

This childcare is having its best team of staff that are always indulged in providing the best education because education is the only thing to take a child ahead and for this one should get proper education with the learning of different activities. That is why the staff not only focus on bring all the best outcomes in teachings. The children in this childcare receive all the basic requirements that a child needs because everything present over here is for tiny children.

The nig classrooms are designed in a way that there is no chance of suffocation and always there comes fresh air from the ventilation present in the classroom. The children get snacks in time and their time for physical activities is also set as no late motion is accepted over here. This makes this childcare the best one in Paterson.

  • Location– 924 Madison Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 551-252-8812

7. Dawn Treader Christian School

This Christian-based preschool is having all facilities for children from giving them a good education to support them for their each and every single decision. The teachers are trained and feel so proud to be a part of Dawn Treader Christian School. The curriculum designed by them is proper enough for every child to grasp and to develop emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, and mentally.

A happy environment is provided to the children to play and to nurture because if the mind will feel safe and fresh then it will be easy for the children to grasp things properly and to remember them for a long time. This contribution of teachers makes this preschool the best in Paterson.

  • Location– 1 Market St, Paterson, NJ 07501, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-345-9830

8. Allwood Play and Learn

This small preschool is having pride in themselves because they use to distribute the best knowledge and guidance to small kids which will help children in their future. The teachers make a happy relationship between children and themselves so that each child can share their all problems with the teacher and get the solutions. The wonderful environment which teachers use to provide children makes them keen to come again the next day.

The fulfilling curriculum made by the teachers not only includes the normal study but different types of activities that will help children expand their minds and thinking. They strongly believe in children grasping power and for that, they prepare their best-scheduled timetable.

  • Location– 94 Chelsea Rd #1632, Clifton, NJ 07012, United States
  • Website–
  • Contact– +1 973-779-4844

These were the few best preschools and childcare in Paterson which ensures you that they will provide the best early education and will teach your child in a fun and enthusiastic way. Over here, the details are given of each of them also you can directly contact to them from the given contact details.

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