Best Preschool and Childcare in Madison (USA)

The tender years of a kids life is the precious time when he learns such things which he will be using For an entire lifetime. From little mannerisms, understanding of their surroundings, people, relationships common things and even about themselves, each and every minute and detailed aspects of learning are of highest importance during this time. Everything with the child sees, senses, feels, understands and learns is going to stay with him for the rest of his life. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the child is growing up in an environment where he is given only the positive aspects of his learning and a fruitful experience which serves him for his future.

Children’s approach towards life, education, sports or any other field depends absolutely on the way their interests are encouraged in their childhood. This establishes the importance of early childhood education. Pre schools and childcares are the institutions that provide the professional care and training to the children so that they learn their basic mannerisms, communication skills, basics of education, making them ready for kindergarten and their future.

If you are a resident of Madison and are looking for  a wholesome environment for your child where they can learn, grow and thrive then you have chosen the correct place. Here we are listing some of the best preschools and childcares in Madison and surrounding areas.

List o the Best Preschools and Childcares in Madison (USA)-


Preschool and Childcare in Madison (USA)

1. The Well- Preschool and Childcare

The Well Preschool and Childcare offers a physically active, fun and nurturing environment for your child to grow. They believe that a child can thrive and learn their lessons better, provided an environment where they can have fun, that is learning through play. The school teaches the children physically, mental, cognitive, social, akademik and emotional growth through activities which day do themselves under the guidance of the teachers.

Nutritious meals are another important aspect of growth and the school takes special care of that is well. The mail menus are scheduled regularly on the school websites with the parents can cheque and can also modify according to any special needs or in cases of allergies. The children’s exercises and movements are respected and fostered so that the children can grow authentically and not under the pressure of the conventional strict education system. The children are encouraged to develop individually as well as in groups. Their activities and programs are designed in accordance to their age, learning needs and interests.

Their offered curriculum are –

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Pre school
  • 4K
  • Summer Camp

The safety protocols of the school are quite strict as well as their sanitation standards.

  • Contact- 608-622-1771
  • Location- 545 Zor Shrine Pl, Madison, WI 53719, United States
  • Website-

2. Kids Junction Learning Center

Kids junction is a Christian curriculum based pre school who not only inculcate educational and physical values and lessons in your child, but also helps your child to develop a Christian character and love for Jesus. They offer quality care and the best available teaching staff in Madison, along with the professionally curated curriculum to support the children’s tender years in learning. They offer STEAM education along with various other subjects and extra curriculum activities to provide a very enriching experience at the school. They participate in a number of activities like swimming competitions common gymnastics, field trips, adventure camps and a lot more.

The school is built up on a humongous space, allowing a very free movement for the children and ample space for them to play, grow and learn. Secure playgrounds, gymnasium area as well as a rooftop soccer field is also made available to the children wherein they can enjoy their time and develop interests in sports and a number of physical activities.

They offer the following curriculum-

  • Infants and Toddlers
  • Early Preschool
  • Preschool
  • 4K
  • After School

You can trust your kid to have a full round growth and development in each and every aspect of life in the school.

  • Contact- 608-827-5437
  • Location- 8084 Watts Rd, Madison, WI 53719, United States
  • Website-

3. Leap Academy

Serving the Wisconsin area since 2014, leap Academy has successfully made itself a very positive name in the locality for the kind of childcare nourishment they provide. They completely focus on the major aspects of growth and development of the children which include- intellectual, emotional behavioural and nutrition. The school understands that when a child is in such tender years of their life, they need special love, attention and care so that they can grow to their maximum potential.

Therefore the school provides such an exceptional healthy environment to the children so that no aspect of their learning is left incomplete. A highly professional team of teachers and staff strive to make your child comfortable and feel safe around them so that they can trust them and feel free to communicate.

The school follows such activities and guidelines which are nationally recognised and accredited, such as Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale and Focused Portfolios. Nutrition is also given special attention at the school.

Their curriculum includes-

  • Infant
  • Toddlers
  • Two’s
  • Three K
  • Four K
  • School Age

The school offers only fresh and healthy food to the children which comes from the ground come on no preservatives added.

  • Contact- 608-204-5327
  • Location- 290 Corporate Dr, Madison, WI 53714, United States

4. Cultured Kids

They are a Spanish Immersion School in Madison, Who inculcate the feeling of respect, acceptance, diversity for everyone in the children. The school firmly believes that children understand the language of love therefore they treat the children with at most love, care and support so that they can feel the comfort of their home at the school. When the children are treated with so much love and care, the values of self- esteem, self- confidence are automatically enabled within the children. The school respects children of all cultural backgrounds and do not tolerate any kind of bias based on colour, race or any other aspect. They also teach their children to treat everyone equally and inculcate and interest of all languages and  cultures into the children.

They have the following classrooms-

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • 2-3 years
  • Preschool 3 years
  • Preschool 4k
  • Preschool 5k

The school is bilingual commander for allows your children to be masters in English and Spanish since the very beginning.

  • Contact- 608-833-5437
  • Location- 600 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison, WI 53719, United States
  • Website-

5. Country Grove Preschool

They are a locally owned childcare facility, serving the areas of Madison, Verona and Fitchburg since 2007. They are wrong comfortable and cosy preschool who up-bring your children in the most homely  possible environment. The focus on providing the children one on one and hands on learning so that each and every child  receives personalised care and attention. The school basically provides learning activities and curriculum in such a way as if your child is learning at the comfort of their own homes. They teach various subjects and extra curriculum activities like language, arts, music and several others.

They provide meals twice a day. Their programs are-

  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • 4K
  • School Aged Program

All of their activities are designed in such a way that they seem interesting to the children and they are not bored out of them.

  • Contact- 608-845-7988
  • Location- 3201 Tanglewood Dr, Madison, WI 53719, United States
  • Website-

6. Bright Child Learning Center

The school serves the children ranging from the ages of six weeks to six years, fostering a sense of independence, respect, empathy call my imagination, creativity and diversity among the children. Their main motive is to keep the children happy throughout their hours at the school so that whatever they learn or understand it can have a positive impact on the tender minds. The children are taught through interactive sessions with teachers, friends and peers in a very akademik Lee, socially and emotionally rich environment. The school avoids any kind of infrastructure or measures which can hinder the children’s movement or development in the school. They are also a Spanish immersion school who teach the children various sign languages, and love for various cultures and subjects. The children are given personalised attention and encouraged to learn things at their own speed.

Nutrition is one of the major aspects of learning. The centre takes care of the nutritional growth of the children. They offer snacks twice a day which are organic, healthy and fresh.

They also have Montessori facility –

  • Infant childcare
  • Toddler childcare
  • Early education program
  • Montessori classroom environment

Their meal menus are changed every week so that the children are given the taste of different food items.

  • Contact- 608-497-1191
  • Location- 3149 Maple Valley Dr, Madison, WI 53719, United States
  • Website-

7. Little Sprouts Family Daycare

As the name suggests, little sprouts truly gives your children an environment where they can feel at home, learn at their own speed and be comfortable throughout. Children are accommodated from the age of 6 weeks- 5 years. They have a very  uniquely created curriculum and environment for the children which promotes their curiosity, creativity and interests in various fields along with education. They are made to learn all their basic  life skills like number recognition, colour recognition, alphabet recognition, cleaning, eating by themselves, communicating with friends and peers and so on.

Their curriculum are-

  • Buttercups (6months- 36months)
  • Fireflies (3years- 5years)

They have created a very safe and secure environment who also take care of the health of your infants and toddler’s.

  • Contact- 608-628-0519
  • Location- 3481 Hargrove St, Madison, WI 53714, United States
  • Website-

8. Middleton Preschool

The teachers at this pre school feed the curiosity and creativity of each and every child by providing them numerous opportunities to explore various fields, sports, subjects. Their teaching style is very different from other schools, here the children Are allowed to experiment, question come on make mistakes and alone. The teachers inculcate the ideas of self expression, confidence and independence into the children so that their developmental speed increases manifolds. Regular interactive sessions with friends, peers and group activities are conducted in the schools. Activities encouraging the children creative concepts social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills are conducted.

The school offers a number of pre school program, along with a 4K program.

  • Contact- 608-836-7554
  • Location- 7118 Old Sauk Rd, Madison, WI 53717, United States
  • Website-

The above List mentions some of the top pre schools and child cares in Madison and surrounding areas who can provide an enriching experience and loving care to your child. It is the parents duty to choose the best from the best for their children.

It would be best if the parents can physically go and cheque the campuses of their preferred schools personally and get in depth details about each and every aspect of the schools curriculum, menu, safety and security measures and any other queries. Make sure that your precious little one gets the precious care and education they deserve.

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