Best Preschool and Childcare in Modesto (USA)

The listed preschools are famous for their better education and learning techniques. These preschools provide safety and comfort not only to the kids but also a keeps the parents’ tension free.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Modesto (USA)

1. Hazel’s Christian Preschool and Child Care Center

The preschool is trusted by families for providing child-focused and proper early childhood enrichment program. It is open to children of age 6 weeks to 12 years. It has two centers and both are located in Modesto. One can choose according to his/her convenience. The preschool has its own curriculum that is interactive, interesting and child-friendly. The programs offered under this curriculum are:

  • Infant program (6 weeks – 24 months)
  • Preschool program (2 – 5 years)
  • School age (6 – 12 years)
  • Before and after school

The program contains various activities to prepare developmentally strong children. These programs help children grasp learning quickly and efficiently. The activities focus on child’s physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive and motor skills.

For children to develop age-appropriately a well-equipped classroom is needed. Therefore, the preschool has classrooms according to the age-groups:

  • Infants and toddlers (6 weeks – 24 months)
  • Early learners (2 – 3 years)
  • Almost there (3 – 4 years)
  • Getting ready for kindergarten (4 – 6 years)
  • School ages (7 – 12 years)

The nutritious and delicious meals are served. The food being hygienic and safe meets the CCFP Meal Pattern standards. The locally available fresh fruits, dairy products and vegetables are used for cooking to encourage proper development of children.

The goal is to provide healthy, happy and complete learning in a safe and secure environment helps children understand clearly with a sense of comfort. Teachers are loving, caring and also take care of each child’s needs.

  • Location- 1528 Oakdale Road, Modesto, CA 95355, United States
  • Contact- 209-521-4422
  • Website-

2. Methodist Tiny Tots Preschool

The preschool has been serving children with early childhood development for over 50 years. They are determined to provide safe and nurturing environment to growing children for them to develop efficiently.

Tiny Tots Preschool is a part of First United Methodist Church’s educational program. The positive learning and hands-on experience initiates social, mental, physical and emotional growth through play, programs and activities.

Along with inculcating academic learning the preschool also focuses on developing spiritual understanding in children. They are taught about Jesus Christ and Christian values and principles.

A good hygiene is maintained and children are taught to wash hands, sanitize and be clean. Potty training and diaper services are also provided.

A special 10% discount is given to second child or siblings and church members. A 15% discount is also given to children of employees of this Church and preschool.

  • Location- 850 16th St, Modesto, CA 95354, United States
  • Contact- 209-525-8687
  • Website-

3. A Plus Academics Preschool

The preschool has a unique play-based curriculum that focuses on activities such as writing, reading, listening, motor skill development activities, etc. Their goal is to prepare and train children of age 2 to 5 ½ years for higher classes.

The concepts of alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes and many more are taught. They believe that arts and crafts are the main areas that build strong foundations of children. Arts enhance imaginative and creative power of mind. Children get the opportunity to express, love, learn and expand their mental capacity through arts and crafts. The planned and age-appropriate activities help children meet their mental and physical needs. Children also develop patience, self-control, self-dependency and confidence through structured curriculum.

The outside play and playground activities like jumping, running, walking, skipping and pedaling lets children socialize, interact, and enhance motor and communicative skills. A healthy and engaging environment provides the benefits of comfortable learning, relaxation and deep concentration to children.

All teachers are CPR and first-aid trained. The preschool serves hot and delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks at no additional fee.

  • Location- 1934 G St, Modesto CA 95354, United States
  • Contact- 209-544-8194
  • Website-

4. Sequoia Preschool Academy

The licensed preschool provides school readiness activities, early learning and fun experiences to infants up to age 6 years. The curriculum is multicultural to prepare the children academically, physically and mentally.

The teachers are caring and professionally trained to develop children in all aspects through literacy, math, science, arts, numbers, letters, patterns, colors, dramatic play, etc. Teachers are sensitive to each one’s needs. They are trained for emergency situations and are also CPR and first-aid certified.

The safe, structured and child-friendly atmosphere provides opportunity for children to explore, discover and learn. The skills developed are problem-solving, creativity, curiosity, intellectuality and independency.

The physical fitness and mental wellness of children are taken care through encouraging nap time and three times meals. This is followed by hand washing, clean up and maintaining proper hygiene.

  • Location- 1308 Coffee Road, Modesto, CA 95357, United States
  • Contact- 209-526-2273
  • Website-

5. Lil Rugratz Daycare

The state-licensed preschool has the capacity of 14 children and provides enrichment programs and development to infants up to school age children. The comfortable and homely environment provides excellent care and quality learning through age-appropriate programs:

  • Infants (3 – 6months)
  • Young toddlers (younger than 24 months)
  • Toddlers (2 – 3 years)
  • Preschool (4 – 5 years)
  • Elementary/after school (5 – 12 years)

These programs include various activities such as arts, crafts phonics, numbers, letters, shapes, problem-solving skills, music and dance, and story time. An outdoor play area is provided for children to learn outdoor activities and develop fine and gross motor skills.

Teachers teach manners, good habits, kindness, humanity and love. These moral values help children grow into a better human being with a positive personality. Safety and security of children is the top priority so the teachers and staffs are also trained in CPR and first aid.

The childcare initiates homework system that helps children revise and follow up with their learning.

A healthy and tasty well-balanced diet is served. The clean up and hygiene is maintained.

  • Location- 3612 Lookout Dr, Modesto, CA 95355, United States
  • Contact- 209-566-5631
  • Website-

6. Bethel Christian Preschool

Best quality education, fun learning and experience are offered to children of age 0 to 5 years. The preschool is an extension of Bethel Church. They provide a Christ-centered environment that helps children develop feeling of respect and love for God, understand the word of Jesus and connect to nature through Bible-talks and Bible-reading. The curriculum focuses on spiritual development.

The loving and caring teachers support children in every way. They care for each child’s needs and engage them in mind-sharpening activities. Teachers strive hard to teach children discipline, self-help, sharing, socialization and other skills.

The classrooms are especially built for children with small-sized chairs, tables and other resources. The classrooms also give involving activities that enhances child’s social, mental, physical, emotional, communication and cognitive skills. Activities are performed either in groups or individually under guidance.

  • Location- 2361 Scenic Dr, Modesto, CA 95355, United States
  • Contact- 209-521-5454
  • Website-

7. Centenary Christian Preschool

The preschool provides play-based and easy to understand curriculum for children of age 6 weeks to 5 years. The state-licensed preschool provides three age-appropriate, child-building programs that focus on whole child development:

  • Infant class program (6 weeks – 18 months)
  • Toddler class program (18 months – 2 ½ years)
  • Preschool program (2 ½ – 5 years)

The different programs take place in classrooms that contain toys, books and equipments according to the age.

The curriculum lays emphasis on math, reading, writing, arts, music, dramatic play and other activities that enriches child’s mental, physical, social and emotional skills. A low teacher-student ratio is encouraged for teachers to provide individual attention and care. This also helps children to feel confident and socialize better.

  • Location- 1911 Toyon Ave, Modesto, CA 95350, United States
  • Contact- 209-522-7091
  • Website-

8. Childtime of Modesto

The preschool provides educational programs and well-established learning system to children of age 6 weeks to 6 years. They believe in training and educating through simple ways. Each child is a part of one or the other program offered by the preschool according to their age. Following are the programs offered:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Twos
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K

The warmth, love and care provided make the child feel like at home. Their milestone-based curriculum engages children in challenging activities that helps them develop independency, self-control, confidence and intelligence. The safe classroom area and comfortable surrounding lets children explore and discover new things and gain healthy experiences. The activities also focus on socio-emotional, mental, physical, psychological, motor and cognitive development.

They also offer special activities just at a little extra amount. These special activities include soccer, Spanish, phonics, handwriting, yoga, music and advanced math. These help children become extra-ordinary and develop special skills in them.

The app of the preschool facilitates parents to connect with their children even from far away. Parents can look at their child’s activities through live streaming video.

  • Location- 3912 Honey Creek Road, Modesto, CA 95356, United States
  • Contact- 877-220-0584
  • Website-

These preschool provides the best early childhood development and wholesome care to children. Every child is exposed to challenges so that they are raised into a better person.

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