Best Preschool and Childcare in Odessa (USA)

If you’re looking for the top preschools and childcare in Odessa (USA), you are at the right place and this article is only for you. Here is a list of the best preschool is given below, spare some time and have a look.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Odessa (USA)

1. Kiddie Kollege preschool

Kiddie Kollege preschool is serving the children and families of Odessa with its excellent services and quality education and providing a loving and nurturing surrounding and environment for young children who started their early education and preparing themselves for a bright future. The school is a Christian-based family-owned preschool that offered afternoon child care to students. The owner is JoAnn P and in 2011 her husband and she bought Kiddie Kollege preschool.

She has experience teaching for over 30 years. In 2012 she retired from the Ector County Independent School District after 23 years of service. She believes in open minds and an open concept of learning and wants to provide a fun, loving, and creative environment to the children so that they learn best when having fun. The school wants to provide an enjoyable learning experience that will build a rich foundation for students for their after-school education.

  • Location- 1919 N Lee Ave Odessa, TX 79761
  • Contact- (432) 332-6315
  • Website-

2. Odessa Christian School

Odessa Christian School is offering quality educational and extracurricular programs for students in kindergarten- grade 12.
The school wants to be number one and wants to make its students the best among all the students of Odessa so they teach in a fun and creative way by teaching some interesting subjects which include writing, numbers, Bible, reading, phonics, history, science, math, spelling, vocabulary, geography, life management, and home economics, as well as Spanish. The school offers some additional facilities too which include art, orchestra, music, and health and physical education programs.
It has a big library which has all types of books and reference materials. They not only provide the best education but wants to make students stronger in sports activities too for physical strength so they have sports facilities too including basketball, cheerleading, and track.
  • Location- 2000 Doran Dr, Odessa, TX 79761
  • Contact- (432) 362-6311
  • Website-

3. Aladdin’s Castle Learning Center

Aladdin’s Castle Learning Center was established in 1993 and offering its best services and resources since then. The school was founded by the late Kathy Eicher and the current director of the school is April Terrell. At the very first school enrolled only 43 children with a small staff of only 7 members but they worked hard on their education and facilities and developed it and have the capacity of 221 students and educated and well-known staff of 37 members for the professional care of students.

For the past 20 years school is proving its value and achievements by its outstanding facilities and education and serving the people of Odessa. The School has spacious and beautiful classrooms that are fully equipped with beautiful arts, crafts, toys, and comfortable desks. The school is open for children from newborn to 11 years old.

  • Location- 1601 E 42nd St Odessa, TX 79762
  • Contact- (432) 362-2785
  • Website-

4. Linda’s Little Angels

It can be hard for parents to find a child care for preschool on that they can trust blindly for their child as they are going to have their child for the whole day. A parent should be fully satisfied that the school is treating their child with care, respect, love, and compassion and developing the mind and skills of their child. Linda’s Little Angels learning center is the place that meets all the requirements of parents and they can work without any tension by giving their child in this preschool for the day. The parents can always go and check the supervision and facilities that their child is receiving.

  • Location- 2425 E 11th St Odessa, TX 7976
  • Contact- (432) 580-5569

6. Just For Me Learning Daycare Center

Just For Me Learning Daycare Center is a daycare Center & Nursery, Child Care, Nursery school, Preschool & Kindergarten school which is full-day childcare and serving the children and families of Odessa with its excellent services and extraordinary education. The school encourages students by various programs for their physical and emotional health and well-being as well as offering an outstanding teaching curriculum and multiple creative activities. It is one of the best preschools among the schools of Odessa suggested by the parents and young generation who are studying there or already pass out from this school.

  • Location- 330 Patterson AveOdessa, TX 79761
  • Contact- (432) 333-3902

These schools are quite popular and acceptable among the families and people of Odessa. Have a tour and find the best preschool and childcare for your child.

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