Best Preschool and Childcare in Dayton (USA)

Infants, toddlers and growing children Go through very sensitive. Where they are constantly learning new things witnessing new emotions learning various things which they never knew existed and having encounter with many new people. They go through a lot of physical, mental and emotional changes during their sensitive growing years. It should be taken care of that the children get a very structured, loving and organized environment where they can learn new things in a very calm and nurturing way and they do not have any adverse effects on the tender minds. Pre schools and child cares are such environments.

Here, a child gets to learn his first baby steps come on make new friends, interact with teachers and peers and learn a lot of new physical and motor activities. A lot of new emotions such as trust, sympathy, empathy come on friendship, love et cetera are also inculcated into the children during these years. Therefore it is very important to find a pre school or childcare whom you can trust with your little one blindly that they will grow into loving human beings.

Are you a resident of Dayton, USA?Are you stressed that you little one is growing up quite fast and needs to be not shared with all love, education and skills? Parents do want the best for their kids. So, to help you out with it here we are listing some of the best preschools an childcares in Dayton, USA that will not only support your child academically, but also ensure their all round growth and progress.

List of some of the best Preschools  and Childcares and Dayton (USA)-


Best Preschools and Childcares in Dayton (USA)

1. Baby Land Infant Care

Baby land infant care insurance very nurturing and loving environment do your kids. They have a maximum limit of 18 children. They ensure you that your child is growing up in a homely and loving environment which you would provide them at home. They always keep parents notified about the childrens daily activities. All of the providers are certified in CPR, first aid and infant care.

An overview of their offers-

  • Tender, loving care for a maximum of 18 infants
  • Clean, healthy environment with individual cribs
  • Certified providers (Infant Care, CPR, First Aid)
  • Daily reports on the well-being of your child
  • Guaranteed reservation program for expectant mothers
  • Competitive rates, accepting publicly funded vouchers
  • Open visitations

The school allows you to schedule a tour because they realise choosing childcare is a difficult decision.

  • Contact- 937-299-2229
  • Location- Baby Land Infant Care 1250 Ansel Drive Kettering, OH 45419
  • Website-

2. Ebert KinderCare

Eport kindercare is serving the locality of marine, Ohio since the past few decades and is very widely popular among the families for the kind of childcare they provide. All of this stuff are experts in childcare, thus ensuring a very comfortable environment for your little one to thrive and grow. They  have the industry- leading healthcare and safety measures in the school for your babies and their staff as well.

Their programs and curriculum include-

Programs by Age-

  • Early Education Programs Overview
  • Infant Daycare (6weeks-1year)
  • Toddler Daycare (1-2years)
  • Discovery Preschool (2-3years)
  • Preschool Program (3-4years)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Program (4-5years)
  • Transitional Kindergarten (4-5years)
  • Kindergarten (5-6years)
  • Interactive Kindergarten (5-6years)

Additional Programs-

  • Elementary School Distance Learning
  • Learning Adventures Enrichment Programs
  • School Break Solutions
  • The Bilingual Mandarin Immersion Program

The school also enables distance learning support for elementary school kids and grade K- 6.

  • Contact- 888-525-2780
  • Location- 1875 Ebert Ave Moraine, OH 45439

3. Jubliee Childcare Learning Center

Jubilee childcare learning centre strives to provide a loving, warm and nurturing environment to your child where they can learn, grow and have fun at the same time. They ensure to provide the best services to your children to participate in their growing process. The engage the children into fun learning activities and playtimes so that the children can develop fine and gross motor skills as well. They concentrate on developing your child socially go my emotionally and physically and create a loving relationship with friends, teachers and peers.

The centre has activity development curriculum along with state approved meal plans. Some of their activities are-

  • Learning Colours
  •  Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Alphabets
  • Body Parts
  • Pre-writing
  • Pre-cutting
  • Reading Readiness
  • Rhyming
  • Math Concepts
  • Music
  • Movement

Their curriculum is based off The State of Ohio Standards and Objectives.

  • Contact- 937-278-1803
  • Location- 4501 Wolf Rd. Dayton, OH  45416(Inside Maranatha Worship Centre
  • Website-

4. Mini University – Miami Valley Hospital Child Care Center

At Mini University safety of the children is their top priority. All of the centres are completely locked at all times and they have a front desk always cheque who comes in and goes out into the school. Only people who have a certified ID are allowed inside the school premises.

Apart from safety, they also provide the premium quality education. All of the centres are accredited to the NAEYC and have five star ratings by the Ohio Step Up to Quality. The school believes in educating through play, all of their activities help your child to soar to perfection. This drive to make your child comfortable in the school and not feel like strangers. The teachers very carefully nurture your children with love, and an  extreme sense of oneness.

  • Contact- 877-429-9400
  • Location- 28 Hill St, Dayton, OH 45409, United States

5. ISA Child Care

“More than just a Daycare”

The ISA Childcare is more than just a regular day care centre. They go beyond the regular norms pre schools and daycares by-

  • safety – keeping low child to teacher ratios and provide a “green” facility by recycling and reducing waste;
  • curriculum – preparing your child with more than just Kindergarten skills – teaching your child to speak Spanish – which will last a lifetime! and
  • nutrition -encouraging siblings and cousins to sit together to enjoy traditional family style dining. The children are encouraged to set their own tables for meals, serve themselves and also pass food to each other, under the teacher’s guidance.

The schools Spanish immersion programme is not compulsory for every child. Parents get to decide whether they want to let their children grow up in a bi- lingual or just English speaking background.

  • Contact- 9372754800
  • Location- 910 W. Fairview Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45406, United States
  • Website-

6. Hearts & Hands Child Care Center of North Dayton

The school serves the localities of Dayton, Ohio and has a maximum capacity of 61 children. They focus on providing childcare services to Infant, Younger Toddler, Older Toddler, Pre-Schooler and School Age. The school also participates in subsidized childcare programs.

Along with Before and After School, Daytime, Drop-in Care, Full-Time and Part-Time Care, the school also organizes Field trips for fun activities and motor skills development of children.

  • Contact- +1 937-890-1430
  • Location- 8711 N Dixie Dr, Vandalia, OH 45377, United States
  • Website-

7. Youthland Academy of North Dayton

Youthland Academy of North Dayton assures every parent that when they enrol their child within their programmes, their child would be future ready. The staff make sure that each and every child gets the same love, care and attention at the school that they would receive from their parents at home. Their programmes and curriculum specially curated keeping in mind the growth requirements of every child- emotional, social common physical, mental, cognitive and motor.

They serve children ranging from the ages of infant, toddler, Preschoolers and school age. Their loving and well- train staff provides one-on-one attention to each child and also homework help to school age children.

Their special fitness and nutrition program, LiveWell Encourages your children to have healthy eating habits and love for nutritious food from a  tender age. Health and nutrition is prioritised in the school.

  • Contact- +1 937-278-8527
  • Location- 1436 Needmore Rd, Dayton, OH 45414, United States
  • Website-

8. Wee Care DayCare

They abide by proverb 22:6, and completely follow the path of Jesus. The school provides a Christian homely- loving atmosphere for your children to enhance their spiritual, mentally and physical growth to their maximum potential. The school is a state approved and star rated daycare that provides Christian core values and teaches the children of Bible lessons and all about Jesus. They inculcate Christian values and love for God into the children’s heart so that they grew up into meritorious and spiritual individuals. The provide care to the children in a very loving, patience, compassion and kindness.

Their learning groups are classified as-

  • Infants
  • Toddlers ( Group A and B)
  • Early Preschool
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • School Age

They follow the path of Jesus, “lift everyone to a higher standard, and love them dearly”

  • Contact- 9374549363
  • Location- Wee Care Learning Center, INC Christian School and Daycare 9675 North Dixie Dr. Dayton,
  • Website-

Here are some the best Preschools and Childcares, serving the families of Dayton, Ohio, USA. It is a big step to enrol your little person in a completely new surrounding. Thus, take this step with utmost precision. Study the websites of your preferred schools very carefully and do visit their campuses for your own satisfaction.

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