Best Preschool and Childcare in Stamford (USA)

When your child starts to talk about the world that surrounds him, it expands or increases every day. Although children learn to walk at their home for building a proper framework for formal education and communication it involves the support of a preschool for a daycare. And for parents living in Stamford city, this list of schools with full details can be informative.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Stamford (USA)

1. Grace Daycare & Learning Center

This school was established many years ago and they believe in providing proper education and essay environment for students to learn, explore and thrive under tough conditions. School follows the creative curriculum for students that is created by teaching strategies emphasising positive interaction, social competence, the physical environment and constructive learning student.

The programs are offered for students between the age of 6 weeks to 5 years. They also offer meal programs in which they provide nutritious food with a balanced diet to students. They also offer extracurricular activities in a spacious playground and toy room.

  • Location- 369 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT 06902
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-504-8523
  • Fees- 250-400$/week

2. Bright Horizons

With more than 25 years of children, they have to one their curriculum to be the best for students in the City. The basically has 4 different classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten students. Their mission is to give basic supports to the kids and build their confidence with excitement about learning at every stage of their life.

The curriculum includes listening speaking and language practice in which teachers emphasize discovering and imagine new things. Vidya ratio philosophy class rounds are designed with high-quality material like chairs, tables including an art studio with colours and paintings and an interactive board.

They also offer several physical activities such as music and dance classes on the school premises with utmost care of kids.

  • Location- 300 First Stamford Pl, Stamford, CT 06902
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-323-1972
  • Fees- 200-400$/week

3. Bright Beginnings Early Childhood

With 15 years of experience in fasting children, they provide child care services at a reasonable cost for parents. The speciality of this preschool is that they provide different educational programs for students between 6 weeks to 5 years, they have kindergarten preparation classes.

They also have snacks and lunch programs in which they offer nutritious vegetables and fruits and other dishes to kids and with that extracurricular activities are filled Up All Around the school including Yoga, music, dance, cooking classes as per the child’s interest. Ensuring total security for a child is their supreme star priority with a prosperous environment.

  • Location- 430 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06905
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-595-5500
  • Fees- 250-400$/week

4. Building Blocks Early Learning Center

This organisation was opened in 2009 with only e1 preschool in the City. The curriculum is totally based on Reggio-Emilia principles of experimental learning. The programs are offered for kids between the age of 6 weeks to 6 years. Their curriculum also includes a variety of lessons for languages, music, a play-based approach for learning culture and much more.

It is surrounded by several engaging areas for kids specifically their indoor gym, playgrounds, early learning childcare centre, natural beauty and sports equipment. Basically, their mission is to provide a stimulating environment for students to explore to be imaginative and be competent in problem-solving ability.

  • Location- 72 Camp Ave, Stamford, CT 06907
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 866-466-4949
  • Fees- 200-400$/week

5. Shiny Little Stars

This school is a great place for kids between the age of 4 weeks 25 years since the teachers there are competent enough to prepare them for kindergarten and for formal education. They have a Reggio based curriculum with beautifully designed child care school premises equipped with selected materials for kids like soft toys, books, colours, alphabetical toys and much more to engage them throughout the day.

4 departments are divided as per the age in which lessons for dramatic play, art and craft literacy of books and Science are included. They usually work in collaboration with the parents building a connection between parent-teacher and student.

  • Location- 2510 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06905
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-569-9039
  • Fees- 150-400$/week

6. Mark of Excellence Pre-School

This organisation is licensed by the state. As the name suggests this school has been at this top of the list their purpose is to enhance each child’s physical social-emotional and intellectual skills. Child care services are usually offered for children between the age of 3 to years.

The curriculum includes academic lessons with close supervision under which they are provided with language and mathematical literacy. School also offers Spanish, computer, fitness classes and provide a safe and clean facility to its students. They usually charge a moderate fee from each parent with individualized plans.

This school has been working with the support of a missionary Church.

  • Location- 29 Grove St, Stamford, CT 06901
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-353-1503
  • Fees- 250-300$/week

7. Shiny Rocks Daycare

With 16 plus years of experience in providing a formal framework for the kids in their childhood to build a foundation for formal education, they turned out to be a high-quality education facility. They usually offer a program for kids between the age of 2 to 6 years.

There and learning platform provides the student with the space and time to express their creativity and growth. Basically, their mission is to channelise all the energy inside the child to build up a creative and imaginative mind and activities that include all types of exercise to the child’s body.

Qualified teachers and trainers are provided to students to support their emotional and social problems by giving them proper academic skills.

  • Location- 70 Alvord Ln, Stamford, CT 06902
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-219-8416
  • Fees- 200-300$/week

8. Adventure Preschool

This school was established in 2018 and it is recognised by the state authorities. This schools main mission is to let kids grow, explore and discover in a unique learning attitude. The school also offers an indoor gym with a variety of equipment in it for physical development and in addition to that children are provided with qualified teachers developing their social mathematical and even geometrical skills.

Science and sensory classes are usually organised for preschool and kindergarten students to explore and investigate. Hot meals are provided for students as breakfast and lunch including nutritious dishes.

Technology classes and language classes are also offered to the kids.

  • Location- 41 Forest Lawn Ave, Stamford, Connecticut 06905
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 203-993-9665
  • Fees- 150-300$/week

With this segment each and every parent of this city can decide the best schools for their child to give them a safe and calm environment to learn and enjoy their childhood.

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