Best Preschool and Childcare in San Antonio (USA)

Preschools and Childcare are the boon in any parent’s life who is working and busy in their jobs. Childcare is like a mother which loves a child, takes care of his food and health, helps them in their appreciable upbringing and teaches them about the world, and provides rich education. Preschools can not replace the place of parents but can help them with the regular activities of their child.

Are you living in San Antonio? Are you busy with your work and unable to take care of your child? Here is a list of the best preschools and childcare in San Antonio. Go and have a tour of these nursery schools for the bright future of your children.


Best Preschool and Childcare in San Antonio (USA)

1. Keystone School

Keystone School was established in 1948 and motivating children for their bright future since then. The school is a community of engaged learners grade pre-k which have small classes, master class, and interdisciplinary atmosphere. Prepare children for adult full in a safe and nurturing environment while providing them academic education.

It is the best private kindergarten school in San Antonio with a rating of #7 among 204 schools. The school organizes various functions and parties like language day, and Halloween. Students feel quite safe and happy in this school of excellence. Parents think that students taking education from this school are quite competitive and creative. It costs $12,236/year. There is one teacher on every batch of eight students.

  • Location- 119 E CRAIG PLACE SAN ANTONIO, TX 78212
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 735- 4022

2. Saint Mary’s Hall

Saint Mary’s Hall was founded in 1879 and create a culture of trust where everything is safe and creative. They offer liberal art facilities with a rich curriculum, expert faculty, fine art, sports activities with unique techniques. The students graduate from this school filled with knowledge, skills, self believes, and self-awareness.

It has a #9 rating among the 273 colleges of Texas. 80% of students of school felt satisfied and happy while studying in this school. The school has organises some fest like a blue tie, fiesta, and issue days and the veteran’s day assembly for a change in the daily activities and schedule of students.

  • Location- 9401 STARCREST DRIVE SAN ANTONIO, TX 78217
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 483- 9100

3. San Antonio Christian School

San Antonio Christian School is partnering with parents and children to offers Christ-centered education and awaken the faith and believes in God. The school offers students a wide range of sports, music, and band programs, art classes, state and national recognize sports and journalism, and a highly appreciated drama department. They want to provide every possible opportunity for students to attend deep knowledge and understanding of the word of God and its nature through the Bible and the excellent teaching of teachers.

It has 28 ratings among the 163 schools of Texas and has a 100% graduation rate. It costs $6,750/ year. 83% of parents agree that they do care about the student’s health and education. 68% of parents and students agree that teachers are well educated and have deep knowledge.

  • Location- 19202 REDLAND ROAD SAN ANTONIO, TX 78259
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 248 -1646

4. Lutheran High School of San Antonio

Lutheran High School is an institute where faith in God, development of minds, sports and curricular growth, emotional development, physical development, intellectual development, and excellent education is common thing. Each student has a unique life to live, and their own space to create anything that they want.

If anyone is looking for a bright and joy-filled future and wants to become emotionally, physically, and academically strong and wants to learn about Jesus Christ and Christianity Lutheran High School is the perfect place.

  • Location- 18104 BABCOCK RD SAN ANTONIO, TX 78255
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 694-4962

5. St. George Episcopal School

St. George Episcopal School is a highly respected and popular preschool that is involving in early education for the past 60 years. The school wants to provide exceptional academic education and a unique and special Christian community that beliefs in God and has a love for every creature of this planet. They want to encourage students to gain wisdom, courage, faith in humanity, and knowledge.

They have one teacher over it, students, for the special care and excellent education of students. The School has 500 students of which 59% and female and 41% are males. It costs $10,450/ year. According to the parents and its students of Texas, St. George is a wonderful school where students can learn and grow freely.

  • Location- 6900 WEST AVE SAN ANTONIO, TX 78213
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 340- 4263

6.The Atonement Catholic Academy

The Atonement Catholic Academy is a highly appreciated and top-rated private catholic school situated in San Antonio, TX which has 331 students in pre-K and has a ratio of one teacher over 12 students. 99% of students of this school go for the 4-year graduation program.

It costs $8,800/ year for a student. 7% of parents think that school is athletic, 33% of parents think that school is creative and artsy, 47% of parents think that students of this school are competitive and full of knowledge.

  • Location- 15415 RED ROBIN RD SAN ANTONIO, TX 78255
  • Website-
  • Contact- (210) 695- 2240

San Antonio is a beautiful place, and these preschools are the additional beauty of this place.

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