Best Preschool and Childcare in Surrey, BC (Canada)

Best Preschool and Childcare in Surrey, BC (Canada)

Preschool is the first place your child gets to explore and socially interact with kids of their own age and hence it becomes extremely important what kind of environment they are enrolled in. The preschool helps shape the child in their early years, lessons they might carry for a long time in their life. We try to help and make the decision a little easier by providing one of the best preschools in and around Surrey.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Surrey, BC (Canada)

1. Bonnycastle Montessori Daycare Inc

Bonnycastle Montessori has been teaching kids for many years, the teachers are well trained and educated. The nursery concentrates on each child as they understand that each child has different abilities and pace, they have a child-centered curriculum that allows the kids to explore the activities and programs based on their interest and skills of each child. They try to provide a warm and safe environment where the kids can have a positive impact on them while learning.

In this Montessori, they instill good values and morals in the kids and the love for learning, which helps them throughout the journey. Parents and teachers work closely with each other as they believe that they can help the kids reach their full potential if they work as a team and help them both at home as well as in the nursery.

  • Location- 14630 107a Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 1V1, Canada.
  • Website-
  • Contact- (604) 670 7234

2. Junior Scholars – Surrey South Early Learning Childcare

Junior Scholars provides high-quality education and care to children of age group between 11 months to 5 years. The caregivers form a bond with each and every child so that the child feels comfortable in sharing and expressing their feelings to them, the staff encourages the kids to learn communication as it is an important aspect in one’s life.

The kids are introduced to interacting with other kids and they get to explore many things with them as a group like science and other age-appropriate activities. Parents are teachers work closely with each other to help the kids grow and learn at both home and the nursery as well. In-house snacks are prepared which are healthy and highly nutritious.

  • Location- 5728 142 St, Surrey, BC V3X 0H4, Canada.
  • Website-
  • Contact- (604) 503 0408

3. Honey Tree The Children’s Learning Centre

Honey Tree Nursery is a place where the kids are taught about different cultures, religions and are encouraged to respect all kinds of cultures. The nursery helps the kids learn various languages and many more things, they also teach the kids to respect their fellow students and teachers.

The nursery believes a strong and solid base of morals will help the kids to shape their character and personality. A lot of activities are been offered in the nursery to help the kids learn about basic things like mathematics, reading, and writing, they also help them with the speech skills and the confidence needed for that.

  • Location- 8469 148a St, Surrey, BC V3S 7K6, Canada.
  • Contact- (604) 599 0832

4. Junior Einstein’s Academy Fleetwood -Surrey Daycare and Preschool

The nursery provides high-quality education and care to children of age group 12 months to 5 years. A variety of activities are being offered in the nursery for them to help and build their confidence and knowledge about the world around them. The staff are extremely friendly and try to create a warm environment for the kids to feel comfortable so they express their feelings without any hesitation.

Parents are teachers work closely with each other to help the kids discover their full potential. Snacks are highly nutritious and filled with proteins so that the kids have a balanced diet to stay healthy and happy.

  • Location- 8501 162 Street, Surrey, British Columbia V4N 1B2, Canada
  • Website-
  • Contact- (604) 500 3523

5. Kidzville Learning Centre – South Surrey

The staff in the nursery are quite passionate about teaching the kids and helping them be a better version of themselves. The teachers closely work with the kids and understand their weaknesses and strengths and make time to work on a schedule designed only for the children, this method helps the kids feel important and needed in the nursery.

The nursery teaches the kids to be confident and independent which helps them eventually while attending primary school. They conduct a lot of fun activities like dancing, singing, and art which will let them explore their creative side. Snacks are provided to the kids which are highly nutritious and healthy.

  • Location- 2388 156 St Unit 101-102, Surrey, BC V4A 4V4, Canada.
  • Website-
  • Contact- (604) 861 7861

6. Young Climbers Childcare Centre

The nursery mainly focuses on improving the kids and discovering their strengths and weakness while they are in the nursery. The teachers believe that along with the kids even they will have to learn a lot the things, this enables in a very welcoming environment where all of them are friendly and eager to learn.

The kids are taught to respect their fellow students and teachers, they are also introduced to various kinds of cultures and ethnicities and be aware of the different kinds of cultures. Parents can be stress-free, as the teachers frequently update them about their child’s progress.

  • Location- 7328 144 St, Surrey, BC V3W 5S5, Canada.
  • Website-
  • Contact- (604) 590 5833

This list of preschools is among the best around Surrey, all of the nurseries give high care and attention to the kids and try and give them a head start before starting school. The nurseries are all well experienced in teaching the kids and helping them grow into better individuals. For more information contact the respective nursery and clear your queries.

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