Best Preschool and Childcare in Tuscaloosa (USA)

Best Preschool and Childcare in Tuscaloosa (USA)

Hard working parents expect the best start for their child. Fulfilling the needs of better environment, safety and good mentorship, a good preschool is must. It is difficult to find a good preschool and childcare for a young growing mind. But here we are to solve this problem, listed below are some of the best preschools for better development of your child.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Tuscaloosa (USA)

1. The Capitol School Nursery

It provides education to children ages 30 months to 11 years. The school is accredited by AdvancED. It follows Montessori-approach curriculum. Their curriculum includes:

  • Musical Intelligence – Recognition and understanding of rhythms and beats. The expert musician and singers teach the skill. Their goal is to develop the art of music in children.
  • Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence – The school offers German and Spanish language learning along with English. The certified and experienced teachers encourage children to speak and understand the languages, the syntax, and grammar and strengthen vocabulary.
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – This involves learning of numbers, patterns and sequences.
  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence – It refers to the sense of sight and ability to imagine and visualize. It also helps children to be creative.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence – It focuses on self-intelligence. The intelligence encourages children to develop self-confidence and understand one.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence – It refers to physical fitness and motor development.
  • Naturalist Intelligence – It helps children connect with nature and develop in natural environment. Teachers help children to understand nature, plants and animals.

They have special Parent-Teacher Council which helps improve parent and teachers relationship for children to grow fast and happily.

They also have various outdoor activities such as – volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. to ensure motor and physical skills.

  • Location: 2828 6th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States
  • Contact: 205-758-2828
  • Website:

2. Valley View Baptist Preschool

The preschool accepts children of 3 months to Pre-k age. It is a multi-cultural preschool with children from around the world. The preschool provides Christian values and principles.

They provide a happy, safe and comfortable environment for children to engage in activities such as music, art, math, science and many more. The children also do activities in small groups to become competitive and enhance socializing skills.

Along with social and academic teaching they also teach about God and develop spiritual skills in children. They involve children in worship and special activities like bible-learning and Bible stories.

The preschool has a safe, fun and Christ-centered environment for children to grow with safety and fun. The children with the help of good atmosphere develop the quality to discover, explore and learn. Teachers celebrate each child’s uniqueness and individuality so that they tackle problems in their own way and in their own style.

  • Location: 8820 Highway 69 South Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, United States
  • Contact: 205-752-0977
  • Website:

3. Three Bears Childcare Center

It is a part of Fields Child Care which includes three other centers along with this one. The center is State Licensed Childcare. It works on the principles that children should develop understanding skills, positive personality and love for learning. They strive to create a better human being out of every child. Teachers make every effort to meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of children.

The child care center serves hot, healthy and delicious food to children at no extra cost. The meals include – breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Each meal is cooked at the center itself by the appointed well-trained cook. All the healthy and nutritious items are provided in the meal and it is assured that children develop healthy eating habits.

The well-qualified and certified teachers are present for child’s all kind of needs. The loving, caring and friendly teachers encourage children to learn fast and easily. They support the needs of children in every possible way and do not let them feel left out. They inculcate good habits, physical, motor, mental, social and cognitive skills in children.

A safe, clean and happy environment is provided to children fir them to learn and grow freely. Each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate toys and other stuffs. The activities include science, math, music, language and technology. Their goal is to develop each child completely with better intelligence and strong foundations for future success.

  • Location: 2315 Loop Road, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, United States
  • Contact: 205-553-0476
  • Website:

4. New Beginnings Childcare Center

This is one of the best preschools in Tuscaloosa. It offers a play-based curriculum. Its mission is to make children learn as they play. Children here develop through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

Their goal is to provide safe and comfortable environment for fun learning. The teachers encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in children through various activities. It provides a nurturing atmosphere to enable the child to reach his/her full potential. They have caring and loving staffs to ensure that children learn comfortably and are treated with respect.

They also have certain programs organized to bring the best in children.

  • World Maker Faire
  • The Great School Fair
  • Art Week and Artists in action

These programs encourage the child to develop self-confidence and new interests. The children get chances to explore and discover themselves and understand their talents and needs.

  • Location: 1501 Avalon Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, United States
  • Contact: 205-764-5590
  • Website:

5. Rise Center

The preschool is sharing knowledge since 1974 among children. The preschool focuses on enrichment of children with or without special needs. Rise Center serves about 100 children and their families.

Along with providing basic skills and learning they also inculcate special skills in children. They support children with disabilities with their special activities which include:

  • Music Therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Language and speech therapy

The well-trained and qualified teachers encourage early childhood development through various activities. They have six age-appropriate classrooms for children to grow according to their age and comfort. The classrooms are well-equipped with children-friendly toys and stuffs which help in motor skills development. The teachers enable all types of growth in children and prepare them for future challenges.

The center respects parents’ worries for their children and to keep every parent updated about their child’s life at the center. They provide parent-friendly app for parents to remain connected with their children no matter at which corner they are.

The teachers are sensitive to the needs of children and the center also has nurses who take complete care of specially-able children.

  • Location: 600 Johnny Stallings Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, United States
  • Contact: 205-348-7931
  • Website:

6. Kiddie Kollege Preschool

At this preschool children are provided with whole-child development program. It serves children age 1 year to pre-k age. The curriculum is playbased and creative. The principle of their teaching is:

  • Play
  • Learn
  • Grow

The teachers and staffs here follow TLC (Teach, Love, Care) method for faster growth and development of children. Teachers connect with children and respect each one as an individual. They fulfill all types of physical and mental needs of children. Every classroom is equipped with required toys and resources for children to discover explore and learn.

They provide a sense of security to children. Security cameras are installed in every room for monitoring children and their activities. They are made to learn in a comfortable and friendly environment. A homely atmosphere is created where children are encouraged to learn at their own pace in their own style.

They teach about Christianity and God. Children are encouraged to understand and feel God within themselves and it helps enhance spiritual development of children. Children also participate in weekly Chapel. Each class includes daily bible-reading, playground activities or gym. Children are also indulged in activities which enhance social, mental, physical, emotional and cognitive development. In extra-curriculum activities music is taught with highly-skilled professional music teacher.

  • Location: 800 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States
  • Contact: 205-345-7261
  • Website:

These are some of the best preschools of Tuscaloosa where the young one can learn better. All these preschools provides the best early education and focuses on wholesome development of child.

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