Best Preschool and Childcare in Waterbury (USA)

Best Preschool and Childcare in Waterbury (USA)

Hard working parents expect the best start for their child. Fulfilling the needs of better environment, safety and good mentorship, a good preschool is must. It is difficult to find a good preschool and childcare for a young growing mind. But here we are to solve this problem, listed below are some of the best preschools for better development of your child.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Waterbury (USA)

1. Ark Early Care and Education Center

The preschool is licensed by the State of Connecticut. It is accredited by the NAEYC. It promoted education of children ages 2.3 years to 5 years. They follow the ‘Second Step Social-Emotional (SEL)’ curriculum. The preschool has over 40 years of experience. All the staffs and teachers are well-trained in CPR, first-aid, and safety.

It is very important for children to learn and gain experiences at an early age. Therefore, the preschool provides early literacy to children. To enhance their mental skills and increase intelligence they have various subject to deal with, such as – math, science, arts, crafts, drawing, etc. These activities also help them develop cognitively. They also have some extra-curricular activities:

  • Music and Movement
  • Yoga

Their mission is to provide safe, happy and relaxed environment to children. The mind-sharpening exercises help them grow psychologically and emotionally. Teachers encourage them to interact, make friends and share things to enhance their social skills. Every child’s uniqueness and individuality is respected so that they grow in their own way and learn at their own pace.

Keeping in mind the health of children nutritious and healthy meals along with snacks are provided.

Their “care4kids” program supports families with low-income. Fees structure is based on parents’ income so that every parent could afford best learning and knowledge for their child.

  • Location: 222 W Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702, United States
  • Contact: 203-757-9917
  • Website:

2.The Country Garden Daycare and Preschool

The preschool is accredited to NAEYC. It supports education of children ages 18 months to 12 years. The school is a proud winner of “Best of Waterbury Award”. It is licensed by the State of Connecticut.

The preschool is committed to provide mental, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development to children through fun activities. The learning process is not forced upon children, they learn willingly in their own way.

The teachers talk directly with parents every day. This keeps the parents and teachers connected and also strengthen the teacher-parent relationship. Parents are invited in special and exciting activities which takes place on monthly basis.

The preschool also conduct some special workshops such as:

  • Farm on wheels
  • Inflatable bounce castle
  • Mystic aquarium travelling
  • Pizza day

These workshops help children learn new things, gain experience and have fun.

They pass on Christian values and principles to children for them to feel God and connect with him.

The teachers keep on planning different activities, workshops and programs for wholesome development of children.

  • Location: 250 Country Club Road, Waterbury, CT 06708, United States
  • Contact: 203-574-4981
  • Website:

3. Easter Seals Children’s Academy – East Campus

The preschool offers learning and education to children ages 6 months to 5 years. It is accredited to NAEYC. It provides high quality education and early childhood learning.

The preschool believes that each child is a star and every child deserves a fresh, happy and strong beginning of their learning programs. The child development program and the teachers strive to develop language, reasoning, problem solving, social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills in children.

They have special “Birth to Three” program where they focus on strengthening child’s early development. They enhance parents’ capacity to help meet the developmental and health-related need of their children. Every family involved in this program is assigned a PSP (Primary Service Provider). This person visits families and supports them through training and reflective practices so that the families encourage child’s wholesome growth through every day activities.

The education here is not just classroom based. Children are given access to a huge playground with skid-proof surface and tricycle track. This help children develop motor skills and promote physical fitness.

It takes care of children’s balanced diet and health. Good food is served every day at no additional charge. The meals include – breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. The meals are enriched with minerals and strength.

The safety and security is prioritized. They have certified staffs in CPR and first-aid. The teachers are sensitive to the needs of children and are always there for them.

The preschool provides learning, growth and support to help kids find the best in them regardless of the challenges, obstacles and disabilities. They focus on teaching basic development and understanding of the world around.

  • Location: 128 Ave of Industry, Waterbury, CT 06705, United States
  • Contact: 203-591-1814
  • Website:

4.Tick-Tock Around The Clock 24 Hr Daycare

The preschool is licensed by Department of Health. It is open to children of age 6 weeks to 12 years. It provides creative and unique curriculum to different age group of children.

The classrooms are safe, clean and comfortable. Each class has clean and hygienic bathrooms and a spacious playground for children to develop faster through play-based activities. Their goal is to encourage children to understand their self-worth and develop self-confidence. Children interact and socialize with others to develop social skills. They participate in variety of activities to develop language and reading skills, physical, emotional and intellectual growth skills.

The teachers and staffs are well-trained in CPR and first-aid. The teachers are caring and friendly to children. They make children independent and prepare them to face challenges of the world.

  • Location: 35 Crosswinds Ln, Waterbury, CT 06705
  • Contact: 203-347-9720
  • Website:

5. Sunshine and Rainbow Home Childcare center

It offers education to children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. It is a State licensed childcare center. They fulfill child’s social, physical and emotional needs. Their mission is to help children grow compassionate and strong with positive personality and self-confidence.

Children learn through play-based activities. These activities stimulate sensory-motor development, language development and social interaction in children. Each child’s individuality is appreciated and they are encouraged to develop at their own pace. They are provided the freedom to explore, discover and experience.

The environment plays a very important role in a healthy development. Therefore, every child is assured with safe, clean and nurturing environment which helps them become creative, develop ideas and enhance curiosity.

Along with training and guidance a good nutritional food is must for child’s growth and development of healthy body and mind. Children are served healthy meals and snacks which meets the USDA standards.

  • Location: 245 Colonial Ave #10 A, Waterbury, CT 06704, United States
  • Contact: 203-850-2604
  • Website:

These are some of the best preschools of Waterbury where the young one can learn better. All these preschools provides the best early education and focuses on wholesome development of child.

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