Best Preschool and Childcare in Wakefield (England, UK)

Parents residing in Wakefield city must go through this section which provides top preschools and daycares. Building a strong foundation for children to attain formal education and life skills. So, most of the schools on the list provide a secure and learning platform for their education.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Wakefield (Yorkshire and the Humber, England, UK)

1. New Life Pre-School

The Preschool is located near New Life Church in the City. With substantial experience in fostering children, they have not only proved their academic teaching but also so the life skills they teach students that impact them in a large way. The programs offered here are for children up to the age of 5 years.

They also care about her strong loving environment with highly qualified staff dedicated to supporting children in these initial phases of their life. The school usually have 51 weeks of working with several restricted and national holidays. They usually start their session at 7:30 in the morning.

The curriculum is based on a curiosity approach in which school entails the learning of different academic social and cognitive skills with some physical activities like sports activities and gardening.

  • Location- 42 George St, Wakefield WF1 1DL
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 375060
  • Fees-  120£/week

2. One Small Step Day Nursery

They have almost 12-20 years of fostering and teaching experience. This school can accommodate 37 students. The programs offered in the school are for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years. They also offer full-time access for parents to have a regular check on their child’s activities and results.

Their curriculum is totally based on EYFS principles. They offer opportunities to children to solve their problems so that they can become self competent in their childhood.

  • Location- Northfield Ln, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 5DW
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 565141
  • Fees- 100-120£/week

3. Happy Days Nursery & Holiday Club

This organisation is working on nurturing children for the last 20 years. The programs are dedicated to children between the age of 4 weeks to 12 years. They can almost accommodate 50 children on the school premises ensuring their security at full potential. Highly qualified teachers are there how to teach children different life skills. Teachers are are practitioners holding NVQ and BTEC level 3 certificates.

The curriculum is totally based on four principles helping children to express their uniqueness, helping them to build positive relationships, providing them with a safe environment and measures to build a framework for their 360-degree development. Their programs include mathematics, expressive arts and design, understanding the world and physical development.

  • Location- 1 Eastmoor Rd, Wakefield WF1 3RY
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 332111
  • Fees- 100£/week

4. Horbury Day Nursery

This nursery was established 12 years ago in the city centre. The mission is to provide the best nursery school in the city that can provide children with learning and a safe environment. They emphasize all around literacy of children giving them lessons about reading, writing, communicating and building relationships.

The curriculum is totally based on EYFS principles including skills like problem-solving, reasoning, creative development, social skills and emotional development. They also have different after school clubs that engage students in their free time.

Each and every child is allocated with specific key worker and specific rooms according to their achievements, needs and their personal profile.

  • Location- 47a Manorfield Dr, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 6JY
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 275690
  • Fees- 110£/week

5. Castle Nursery School

This school was established in 2012 with few children. They can accommodate an average number of students in the school. The curriculum is totally based on EYFS principles in which the school promotes children in attaining knowledge and skills by their own curiosity with the support of their teachers.

Qualified staff in the school have designed a stimulating and learning environment in which each child can reveal and communicate their interests and talents with their respective coordinators. They also have large rooms and grounds to play and engage in different physical activities.

  • Location- 255A Barnsley Rd, Wakefield WF1 5NU
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 664787
  • Fees- 90-120£/week

6. Flanshaw Junior & Infants School

They provide high-quality education with a safe and secure environment for the kids. The school is full of spacious rooms well equipped with selected toys, learning materials and interactive boards to make learning more realistic and joyful for kids. Outdoor space is the major attraction with some forest school programs where kids can explore nature and study about them.

They also have holiday clubs, especially for preschool-aged kids.  Meal programs ensuring nutritious diets for kids and staff. Sports activities and competitions are organized to check their interests and physical development. Regular meeting with parents in this school helps parents to understand their child’s talents and interests.

  • Location- Flanshaw Rd, Wakefield WF2 0AS
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 290360
  • Fees- 80-120£/week

7. Daisy Chain Childcare Ltd

With the establishment of this organization in 2008, it has now become one of the favourites and affordable for parents.  This child care centre exhibits 3 departments a baby unit, a toddler unit and a preschool classroom. This school aims to build a joyful environment for kids which helps them how to learn the best with all the resources, encouraging them to be independent.

The school provides various types of gardens in which children can have their sensory classes, role-plays, construction areas, music, mathematics classes and the kitchen and much more. They have also a delicious meal program that rotates with a 15-day medal cycle.

  • Location- Lofthouse Children’s Centre, Long Thorpe Ln, Lofthouse, Wakefield WF3 3PS
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1924 565466
  • Fees- 90£/week

The schools in the life of every child’s life are massively impactful so, before deciding on any daycare or primary school parents have a thorough check on these best schools in Wakefield city.

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