Best Preschool and Childcare in Winchester (South East, England, UK)

The most important phase of human life is childhood in which kids are having a high knowledge retaining capacity and quick learning capabilities. To increase these capacities a daycare for preschool is usually recommended to parents. For details about top schools in Winchester city, parents should go through this write-up.


Top Preschool and Childcare in Winchester (South East, England, UK)

1. Bright Horizons Winchester Day Nursery and Preschool

They have almost 30 years of experience in fostering kids with over 300 branches throughout the country. Their curriculum is based on teaching children that how they should approach the world with their knowledge and skills. They also provide language classes to children. They emphasize on child’s learning capacity and desire to think for themselves.

They also have after school and meal programs in which stars are happy to serve kids in a respectful manner so that they could get appropriate portions of their nutrients and some delicious dishes. They have 15 days menu cycle.

They are also equipped with cutting edge Technology like interactive boards personal applications for parents to check on their children and having updates on them regularly.

  • Location- 3 Wales St, Winchester SO23 0ET
  • Contact No- +44 1962 842120
  • Website-
  • Fee- 120-130£/week

2. Tops Day Nurseries: Winchester Nursery

With over 25 years of experience, they are one of the most renowned preschools or daycares in the city of Winchester where they believe in equal education for all children in respective of their colour and class. They accommodate almost a hundred children at a time and they are fully equipped with different climbing, sliding, gardening ideas. With their multiple entrance facility is off access for parents is proficient.

Nice parents meetings regularly in a month to update parents about their wards. The curriculum is based on problem-solving resolving conflict building imagination and creativity they also teach a whole range of skills to kids like arts and crafts skills, sports activities and dance classes.

  • Location- Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester SO22 5DG
  • Contact No-  +44 1962 860437
  • Website-
  • Fee- 110-130£/week

3. Kingsmead Day Nursery

This organisation was established in 1983 with eleven children. Now after 31 years of experience it can accommodate almost 1,000 in the school premises. They offer a positive environment for kids to watch out for their creativeness so that they can share their views about the world.

They also have several unit departments in their daycare like the baby unit, toddler unit and preschool unit in which the curriculum is divided so that they can have their own independence and enough space to use their imagination and improve their social skills language and personal skills.

They offered a clean and safe environment for children parents and even for the staffs.

  • Location- Gordon House, Gordon Rd, Winchester SO23 7DD
  • Contact No- +44 1962 862266
  • Website-
  • Fee- 120-130£/week

4. West Downs Day Nursery

With more than 20 years of experience in nurturing kids and dedicating a welcoming environment to the kids and their parents to ensure that they are completely prioritized and to focus on their interest and their needs. Their curriculum is designed on EYFS principles that provide lessons for kids between ages 6 weeks to 6 years old.

It is one of the favourite alternatives for parents those are having an average income. They offer a well-planned to the kids and several after school programs so that they children and channelize their energy into something useful so that they can improve their skills to be creative.

  • Location- Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5HT
  • Contact No- +44 1962 827393
  • Website-
  • Fee- 120£/week

5. Poppins Nursery

This organisation was established two years ago under and Carroll centre which is and charitable trust. It offers different preschool and daycare programs for children between 2 years old to 5 years old ages. DAV curriculum is totally based on Reggio inspired curriculum. One of the best advantages of this organisation is it is located at the outskirts of the city e and it is usually not overcrowded by children and it can accommodate around 35 to 40 kids at a time.

School is fully equipped with selected materials that can help children to learn about the alphabet, numerical, shapes, colours, environment, animals and different kinds of living organisms in the environment.

  • Location- Carroll Centre, Somers Cl, Winchester SO22 4EJ
  • Contact No- +44 1962 840022
  • Website-
  • Fee- 110£/week

6. Henry’s Kindergarten

This nursery is officially open for 51 weeks in a year and the opening hours are from 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 p.m. The mission of this organisation is to provide children fun and stimulating environment for the year so that they can communicate effectively with teachers their fellow mates parents and can have high-quality education time with school.

Spacious rooms that are divided for infants toddlers and please school kids are furnished with different types of equipment to learn new skills. After school programs and trips are organised regularly in a month to expand their knowledge and their approach towards the world.

They are also given gardening lessons so that the school can build an effective link between the kids and the surroundings around them.

  • Location- Henry Beaufort School, Winchester SO22 6JJ
  • Contact No-  +44 1962 888971
  • Website-
  • Fee- 100-120£/week

7. Finkley Weeke Nursery

This school has long years of experience in giving kids a beautiful prosperous environment along with a healthy diet so that they can acknowledge their problems and solve them personally to be more independent. This organisation usually offers EYFS based curriculum to encourage children to get out of their comfort zone.

They also have a big playground and animal farms so that kids can explore new things in the world. Parents are provided with account details on the school website so that they can check their child’s activity regularly. The also offers several indoor activities like skits, social lunch programs and sports activities.

  • Location-  Fleming Rd, Winchester SO22 6EE
  • Contact No- +44 1962 798888
  • Website-
  • Fee- 90-120£/week

8. Riverside Nursery School

Riverside nursery was established in 2002 in order to provide a fun and caring environment to the kids of the city. The curriculum is totally based on child’s interests and to improve their social skills. Early year programs are free for 3 or 4 years old kids in this organisation. Now during the pandemic home learning facilities are provided by the school to provide appropriate education to the kids.

Due to its location, several forest programs are organised for kids to get an idea about the environment to expand their imagination to adapt to different weathers that may be Hot, cold, sunny, and rain.

They also offer standardised materials toys and other things that help the kids to get sufficient ideas about fundamental things like alphabets numbers, shapes and much more.

  • Location-  Sports Pavilion/Hillier Way, Winchester SO23 7SU
  • Contact No- +44 1962 890892
  • Website-
  • Fee- 80£/week

Now that this list pictures some best schools throughout Winchester City with all of its details. Parents can select one of the best schools and enroll their kids to take their first step towards growth.

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