Best Preschool and Childcare in Westminster (London, England, UK)

Now that your child is in between the age of 6 weeks to 12 years most of the parents are baffled about choosing the right institution for their children. This write up acknowledges most of the details about the schools in Westminster city.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Westminster (London, England, UK)

1. Hatching Dragons

This facility was established in 2014. They emphasizes on teaching children about culture, socializing, technology and cognitive skills. Kids are fostered here to solve their own problems. They provide their curriculum in two languages in English and Chinese. They also have big playground and garden to engage children with activities.

Weekend School programs are also there for kids several summer camp programs that is offered once in a six month period. Programs are available for kids in between the age 6 weeks to 6 years old.

  • Location- 4 Moreton St, Lillington and Longmore Gardens, London SW1V 2QF
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 020 3912 2902
  • Fees- 120£/week

2. LEYF – Marsham Street Nursery & Pre-School

It is one of the famous charitable trust where kids are given proper background education to prepare them for formal education. It creates a calm environment for student to learn and enjoy their early childhood. There are almost 39 nurseries throughout the city.

There are different campaigns that are organized for kids in the nursery like bike riding classes and cooking classes. This child care facility is also beneficial for or low income parents so that they can provide their kids with Top class education programs in the facility and also other services to.

They can accommodate 4000 children in a year. The four principles they rely on while teaching students are inspiration, creativeness, fun and curiosity.

  • Location- 121 Marsham St, London SW1P 4LX
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 44 20 7233 8341
  • Fees- 130£/week

3. Knights Bridge kindergarten

This facility has an experience of more than 32 years and its main target is to provide children with the caring and prosperous environment so that they can learn different skills. They emphasize on seven rules during teaching a children that includes personal social and emotional development, physically development, language development arts, designs, shapes and numeric.

There are three different sessions for kids in the morning in the afternoon and in the evening 3:30. They also have 9 branches throughout the city. The curriculum is offered to infants, toddlers and preschool kids.

  • Location- The Knightsbridge Kindergarten, St. Peter’s Church 119 Eaton Square, London
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 (0)20 7371 2306
  • Fees- 100-120£/week

4. Bright Horizons

With almost 30 years of of experience it became one of the most famous nursery in the City. They also had 300 nursery throughout the country. They are offering students different programs and this program is based on solving problems working with others increasing the understanding of the world.

They are equipped with several materials that can engage students inside the classroom like plastic alphabetical toys. After school programs are also offered two students and as per the parent’s convenience.

Highly qualified teachers are allocated to students and personal services are also provided to students as per parents convenience.

  • Location- Hepworth Court, Grosvenor Waterside, 30 Gatliffe Road, Chelsea, London
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 0370 218 8194
  • Fees- 120-130£/week

5. Working Mums Day Care

Early years education is the major aim of this daycare and it provides a sense of freedom to children to get them independent learner. This daycare is established in 1992. They have an abundance of toys and spaces. All the staff are recruited on the basis of skills and specifically mature and domestic ones.

They practices to provide curriculum that not only is for babies but for preschool children too.

Learning prospects for kids are sky high and they are engaged with after school and weekend sports and indoor games with activities such as cooking and gardening.

This facility provides one of the best meal programs and identifies nutrition deficiency in a kid and chart is planned as per that.

  • Location- 194-196, The Old Court, 196 Sheepcote Lane, London SW11 5BW
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 0208 392 9969
  • Fees- 110£/week

6. Kïdo Nursery & Preschool Clerkenwell

This facility was established 21 years ago. It provides multiple programs throughout the country and all over the world. This preschool is based on the curriculum that is inspired by reggio. They offers multiple programs for kids in between the Age 4 weeks to 5 years. Programs last for six weeks in a cycle and update of their activities are given to their parents.

Kids are engaged with their work book and they are provided various learning programs like sensory education, arts and some numerical literacy. This organization adhere to EYFS framework. A spacious environment is offered at which 25000 square feet of area.

  • Location- Clements Hall, 141 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 8AP
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 20 8053 0842
  • Fees- 110-140£/week

7. Tach brook Nursery School

This organization was basically established in 2015. The aim of this is get child the best early childhood education so that he can become independent reflective, persistence, and an effective communicator. Children will be going through multiple developmental programs like communication, language, knowledge and understanding of the world and social development and in addition to that expressive arts and design classes are also there for students.

Kids are not supposed to wear any uniform in the daycare birthday parties can be organized with the schools permission. Special Health Care Centre is present outside the school boundary in case of emergencies. Top class security measures are there to protect kids from going out of the campus.

  • Location- Aylesford Street, London SW1V 3RT
  • Website-
  • Contact No- 020 7186 0081
  • Fees- 110-130£/week

8. Magic Roundabout Nursery

With its 21 years of experience and affordable School programs it portrays itself as a good option for a middle class parent. A Unique EYFS curriculum there is a framework to assess child’s wellbeing and its talents. Carefully curated additional program such as art and craft classes, language classes, sports session with music classes are always organized throughout the week.

They sure are equal attention to all kids ranging from infants to five years old ones. They also have well furnished classrooms with digital interactive board to give the kids a competitive edge. Meal programs are organized every month to develop them socially and to connect them with their fellow schoolmates.

  • Location- 35 Sutherland Square, London SE17 3EE
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 20 7277 3643
  • Fees- 100£/week

This list can be effective during any selection process since these schools produce one of the best students to be at secondary schools. Don’t hesitate and get the best schools in the Westminster city.

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