Best Preschool & Daycare in Tyler (USA)

Preschool is no longer simply about playing in the sandbox anymore. Preschool is becoming more demanding as the demands of elementary school increase. Certain abilities are required of children in preschool in order for them to be well-prepared for elementary school when they enter. In terms of children’s social and emotional development, preschool is a watershed moment in their lives.

In many cases, their first day of preschool is their first experience in a big group of children their own age, as well as their first contact with institutionalised learning—and most likely their first encounter with finger paint. You’ll want to be as prepared as possible at this period of crucial change. Get the finest guidance and information available.


Best Preschool & Daycare in Tyler (USA)

1. Cultural Care Au Pair

A home-based au pair provides flexible and customised childcare in the comfort of your own home. With the help of this cultural exchange programme, au pairs from all over the globe may offer childcare for up to 10 hours per day and 45 hours per week on a schedule that you choose. You may discover more about the specific advantages and criteria of having an au pair by visiting their website.

  • Location: Cultural Care Au Pair EF Education First Postfach Selnaustrasse 30
  • Website:
  • Contact:+41 44 668 50 80

2. Creative Kids Learning

Infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten children are welcome to participate in this preschool programme. A developmentally appropriate curriculum is given, and enrichment courses are available in computer, karate, fitness, and Story Lady sessions, among others. For recreational activities, the children have access to an indoor gymnasium as well as four acres of open space.

Program Details:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon served everyday.
  • Transportation to and from local public schools provided.
  • Enrichment courses included with tuition.
  • Tumblebus available.

Center features a closed circuit video and security system, air filtration system, and severe weather safe chamber with hurricane and sheer wind straps

  • Location: 3130 E 5th St Tyler, TX 75701
  • Website:

3. Stepping Stone School

In the Champions for Children’s Nurturing Pathways and Frog Street Pre-K curriculums, academics are introduced to children at an early age. Involvement of parents is encouraged via class visits, family activities, and regular communication with the school.

Specifics of the Program:

  • Snacks are given, and lunch may be purchased at an extra cost.
  • After-school care, summer camp, and transportation are all offered for school-age children.

There is an extra charge for activities such as dance, Soccer Shots, Tumblebus, tennis, and swimming.

  • Location: 5113 Timber Creek Dr Tyler, TX 75703
  • Website:

4. Cuddle Bugs Learning Center

In addition to babies and toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children from Chapel Hills and the neighbouring regions are welcomed at the child care facility. The emphasis is on language and literacy development, with activities also including math, science, art, and STEAM-based experiences into the curriculum. All courses use a play-based approach to learning as their primary method of instruction. Field excursions are planned for students in pre-kindergarten and elementary school grades.

  • Location: 12765 TX-64 Tyler, TX 75707
  • Website:

5. God’s Brand Christian Academy

.God’s Brand Christian Academy that provides care in a Christian environment. Family gatherings, bible study, reading, holiday celebrations, theme days, and art are just a few of the activities available. Academics are taught to preschoolers via the use of a changing thematic curriculum.

  • Location: 2524 McDonald Rd Tyler, TX 75701
  • Website:

6. Ebenezer Day Care Center

Program that offers care and intellectual enrichment. Activities include crafts and field excursions.Ebenezer Day Care Center is a Licensed Center – Child Care Program in Tyler TX, having a maximum capacity of 140 children. This child care facility assists with children in the age range of Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, School. The provider also participates in a subsidised child care programme.

  • Location: 1101 W Queen St Tyler, TX 75702
  • Website:

7. Lovebug Creative Learning Center

A maximum of 12 children may be accommodated at Lovebug Creative Learning Center, which is a licenced child-care home in TYLER, Texas. Child care in the home is available for children in the age groups of infant, toddler, pre-kindergarten through school age groups. In addition, the provider is a participant in a government-sponsored child care programme. Home-based programme that offers care and cognitive, social, and artistic development possibilities. Activities include painting, theatrical play, holiday celebrations, physical play, and worksheets. Academics are taught via a changing thematic curriculum.

  • Location: Tyler, TX 75701
  • Website:

8. Kids’ Kaleidoscope

A licenced centre – child care programme in Tyler, Texas, with a maximum capacity of 140 children is operated by Kids Kaleidoscope Child Care. This child care facility provides care for children ranging in age from infant to toddler to pre-kindergarten to school age. The provider is not a participant in a government-sponsored child care programme. Christian programme that offers play-based learning possibilities. Activities include Bible passage memorization, outdoor time, music, and chapel. Academics are presented via a changing thematic curriculum.

  • Location: 3030 Copeland Rd Tyler, TX 75701
  • Website:

9. The Growing Stick Learning Center

Program that offers physical, intellectual, and social development opportunities with a focus on self-confidence. Academics are presented via a focused curriculum. Activities include circle time, painting, outdoor time, music, sensory play, centers, and free play. Parent participation is encouraged via the Parent Advisory Board, regular progress reports, and a monthly newsletter.At the Growing Stick, we believe that every kid is a unique individual with his or her own personality. Therefore, our programmes are designed to meet the unique social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development needs of each kid as a whole.

It is our belief that children are happy and secure when they given many chances to achieve on a daily basis. The ability to achieve success develops self-confidence, and self-confident youngsters view learning as something enjoyable, eagerly seeking knowledge and answers to difficulties. Because of this, kids grow up to be well-rounded, competent individuals. A large part of what we do with children is intended to aid in the development of self-confidence in the kid.

  • Location: 2700 Willard Drive Tyler, TX 75707
  • Website:

10. Green Acres Early Education Center

The Green Acres Baptist Church Early Education Center (GABC EEC) was established in August 1974 and is controlled by a committee chosen by the church. It is overseen by a director who reports to the Children’s Minister of the church. It is run as a non-profit educational ministry for the benefit of the children in our neighbourhood. The WEE LEARN series produced by LifeWay in Nashville, Tennessee, serves as the foundation for the curriculum. All of our instructors have years of expertise and are committed to giving students with a creative approach to learning about God’s world. We are a Christian school with a Christian mission.

Program that offers preschool education in a Christian atmosphere. Academics are presented via the Wee Learn curriculum which uses learning centres and rotating themes. Activities include hands on crafts, chapel, free play, art, dramatic play, Bible study, outdoor time, and music.

  • Location: 1607 Troup Hwy Tyler, TX 75701
  • Website:

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