Best Preschools and Childcare in Vacaville (USA)

Vacaville has some of the finest preschools in the country. We have compiled a list of the top daycares and preschools in your area, complete with all of the necessary information.

Preschool is a logical next step as your child becomes more and more curious with each passing day of his or her life.

Have you noticed that your kid is becoming more inquisitive about everything around him or her? They’re attempting to learn more, gaining firsthand knowledge of everything in their environment, and their curiosity and energy are thriving to be channelled in all the correct ways. Finding the best preschool for your kid that meets all of his or her requirements is an absolute must.

A location that fosters creativity, moulds and develops key social skills, and serves as the foundation for the development of a child’s personality is the most significant component of a child’s path toward development.

As a resident of or visitor to the area around the city of Vacaville, you may have considered whether or not it is the best location for you to settle down after your child reaches a certain age. Our information will give you an advantage if you’re trying to figure out which are the top schools in Vacaville. Here is a list of the finest preschools that will offer the proper nutrition and grooming for children to develop the necessary skillset and capacity to select the most appropriate path in life while maintaining good self-esteem.


Best Preschools & Childcare in Vacaville (USA)

1. Vacaville KinderCare

Infancy through preschoolers are served through child care and early education services. In order to foster creativity and discovery, the curriculum is intended to include a variety of group and individual activities that are balanced. Teachers strive to develop a love of learning in each child by meeting them where they are and exposing them to early math, reading, and other age-appropriate disciplines. Teachers work to cultivate a love of learning in each child by meeting them where they are. Learning centres, which are built with child-sized furniture and readily available resources to encourage independence and curiosity, are found in classrooms.

  • Location: 581 Peabody Rd Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:
  • Contact: (833) 847-2028

2. Little Learners

In-home family daycare with an emphasis on providing care and education for children is becoming more popular. Pre-kindergarten skills such as letter identification, letter sounds, handwriting, and communication are taught, as well as communication skills. Every day’s circle time provides an opportunity to teach new learning ideas to young students. The classroom is equipped with art materials, educational toys, age-appropriate activities, and children’s literature. An enclosed backyard with an outdoor playhouse, sandbox, blackboard, garden, and natural learning areas is available.

  • Location: Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:

3. Orchard Preschool

Preschool programme with a strong emphasis on Christian values and educational opportunities. Teachers ensure that a healthy mix of academic, recreational, and spiritual activity is maintained. Class numbers are maintained small in order to provide enough of one-on-one attention and training to each student. The Orchard Baptist Church’s programme is a ministry of the church.

  • Location: 301 N Orchard Ave Vacaville, CA 95688
  • Website:

4. Happy Home Childcare & preschool

Hawkins Park is a short distance away from this in-home Montessori-based childcare and preschool. The programme is geared at helping youngsters develop independence, good life skills, confidence, autonomy, and problem-solving abilities, among other things. Through hands-on learning activities, the curriculum exposes children to geography, art, reading, arithmetic, science, and language concepts and skills. Toys, play equipment, and books that are age-appropriate and made of natural materials are readily accessible in the home for young learners. The completely enclosed backyard is utilised for outdoor activities such as playing soccer.

  • Location: Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:

5. Little Flowers Montessori

Preschool programmes are geared at preparing children for school and assisting them in learning to be self-sufficient. Children engage in activities that teach them real life skills and sensory-based activities as well as math, science, art, and reading. The resources and activities in the classroom are designed to inspire children to explore and learn through play.

  • Location: 3561 Alamo Dr Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:

6. Vacaville Christian Early Education  Preschool

Preschool programme with a strong emphasis on Christian values and educational opportunities. Teachers provide a balance of educational, spiritual, and recreational activities to students in order to prepare them for the rigours of formal education. The materials and activities in the classroom are designed to encourage children to explore and learn through play. Hands-on activities help to promote growth in all areas of development by involving participants in them.

  • Location: 1117 Davis St Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:

7. The Father’s House Kid’s Preschool

Preschool programme with a strong emphasis on Christian values and educational opportunities. Children take part in a variety of academic, spiritual, and recreational activities to help them prepare for the challenges of school. The activities are hands-on and focus on growth in all areas of development, not just one.

  • Location: 4800 Horse Creek Dr Vacaville, CA 95688
  • Website:

8. Millennium Child Development Center

There are a variety of daycare and preschool programmes for children of all ages available at this child care facility. Children are encouraged to explore their interests and ask questions in order to guide the curriculum and activities they participate in at school. Classrooms are set up with materials and activities that encourage children to experiment with and learn about new concepts and skills.

  • Location: 3442 Browns Valley Rd Vacaville, CA 95688
  • Website:

9. Little Adventures Childcare

North Meridan Road and Midway Road are the two main thoroughfares for this in-home family daycare facility. During care, toys and hands-on activities that are appropriate for the child’s age are provided. In the fully fenced backyard, children can engage in outdoor activities such as mud kitchen, playhouse, and riding toys.

  • Location: Vacaville, CA 95688
  • Website:

Agape Family Child Care Hawkins Park is a short distance away from this Christian in-home family daycare. Toys, equipment, and games are used to provide age-appropriate care for the children. Children engage in both outdoor and indoor play activities. The backyard is completely fenced and equipped with play equipment.

  • Location: Vacaville, CA 95687
  • Website:

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