Best Preschools & Childcare in Bukit Merah (Singapore)

Are you looking for best preschools in Bukit Merah? Here, we are listing best daycares, montessori and preschools near your place with all required details.

Has your child started to ask more questions about absolutely everything around? Trying to explore more, getting a first hand experience on everything in their surroundings with peaking curiosity and energy thriving to be channelized in all the right directions? Finding the right preschool for your child to suit all needs is a necessity. A place that hones creativity, shapes and develops important social skills and the basis of the child’s personality is the most integral part in starting their journey towards growth.

Bukit Merah, a planning area and new town situated in the southernmost part of the Central Region of Singapore is a residence to many. If you are one of these residents looking for The best Preschools and childcare centres, this article will give you and upper hand.


Best Preschools & Childcare in Bukit Merah (Singapore)

1. Little Gems Preschool

They offer specialized curriculum that is not based on subject matters and works interdependently in specialized areas to ensure that every child is given numerous opportunities for challenge, risk-taking and social development by interacting with the natural world. Their facilities include a Jungle Gym, indoor playground, computer lab as well as the aquatic environment for children to ensure a fun and safe environment for your little ones.

Their curriculum framework is organized by using six developmental domains of integrated learning, including Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the world, Motor Development, Social and emotional development and Aesthetic and creative development. This also involves child-led projects carefully guided and mentored by the teachers. With wisely selected topics, the children are given  opportunities to discuss and work on a project, such as creating a book, inventing a useful tool and building a simple toy etc. Their wide range of facilities and domains are one of the best in Bukit Merah.

  • Location: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-05/06 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6265 6414

2. Bambini Montessori

Bambini Montessori offers a programme for infants, toddlers & preschoolers, mainly aged 2 months to 6 years old. The Infant & Toddlers’ learning environment is organized into the following areas: –Practical Life; Activities to enhance fine motor & self-help skills, Sensorial; Stimulate sensory development and learn proper vocabulary to describe the feeling, texture and identify the differences, Physical development; gross motor activities like walking stairs, climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling, lifting, running, Listening and Speaking; Through storytelling, singing of rhymes, music & movement activities, Creativity; Through art & crafts, dramatic play, cookery to stimulate their imagination. As the young children are at their early stages of developing their fine and gross motor skills, the focus is more on the process rather than on the final product.

The Preschoolers’ learning environment is organized into 7 domains, namely; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Cultural, Chinese and Creativity. They have activities to instil Sense of Self, Social Relations, Movement, Music, Communication Language, Exploring Objects, Creative Representation, Space and time and also story telling, singing, music and movement. Collectively, it has all the facilities and domains to provide the best provisions from the best Preschools and Childcare in Bukit Merah.

  • Location: 131 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 160131
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6270 9633

3. Bridging Stars

At Bridging Stars, children from 18 months to 6 years 11 months and their families are welcome in an environment of rich learning and development. for infants and toddlers, they offer full and half day care according to requirement.  Their Curriculum emphasis is on developing the children holistically through the MOE Kindergarten Curriculum Framework comprising six Learning areas including, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Development.

The elements of our curriculum and pedagogy for children’s learning is summed up in the acronym “SPIC3E UP” which consists of;  “SHOW & TELL  to imbue confidence, PLAY to expand imagination,
INQUIRY to encourage curiosity, CREATIVITY to foster creative problem solving abilities, CHARACTER BUILDING to mould good traits and values, COLOURFUL EXPOSURES to provide variety and breadth in learning, EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING to give lots of hands-on multi-sensory learning opportunities so as to engage learning, UTILITARIAN FUNCTION to teach functional life skills of independence and mutual dependence, PROJECT ORIENTEDNESS to partner with parents, community and between friends on project work”. These are also the elements that lead this Preschool to be among the best Preschools and childcare in Bukit Merah.

  • Location: 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150123
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6271 0322

4. Bloomberry Babies and Kids

At Bloomberry, they believe in giving children the opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest and encourage creative thinking to be able to mould children as bearer and constructor of their own intelligence. The children here are encouraged  “Learning through Play” by integrating hands-on and meaningful activities their our curriculum. they use a Project-based Learning Approach to stimulate progressive thinking by providing materials and meaningful experiences to support your children in their pursuit of learning and understanding.

They provide a safe and pleasant environment for their bloomies within the age group of 2 months to 18 months. For children above 18 months, they offer dynamic hands on learning experiences in meaningful context to engage every child’s interest to learn and discover in collaboration with teachers, peers and parents which focus on developing the “4 selves” including physical self, expressive self, creative self, cognitive self. They have a handpicked curriculum for kids from 4 years of age including aesthetic and creative expression, motor skills development, social and emotional development, numeracy, language and literacy and discovery of the world.

  • Location: 1 Jln Kilang Barat, #01-01/02, Singapore 159345
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6339 6360

5. Orange Academy

The Orange Academy believes in striving to equip children with life skills which are embedded in our holistic curriculum. They encourage cultivating children to be confident bilingual speakers in English and Mandarin by providing them with opportunities to hone their linguistic skills. They offer physical environment and classroom activities that are designed in ways that stimulate children’s creative thinking, logical reasoning and ignite their passion for learning. Their teachers are trained specially to be facilitators who offer the right tools for children to develop an adaptive and positive mindset to face challenges and cope with stresses.

They have an advanced curriculum programme for the Playgroup and Nursery 1 that specially planned and designed to provide enriching experiences through interactive and engaging lesson activities facilitated by their professionally trained staff that is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide and encourage the children in picking up life skills that will aid them in their learning journey. Activities that are incorporated in the programme include sensory exploration, music and movement, art and craft sessions, large group interaction and gross motor exercises.

For the Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 programme, The Orange Academy believes in conducting structured lessons in which children are introduced to a range of ideas and concepts via a thematic curriculum. They ensure that children are exposed to both English and Mandarin on a regular basis. Mathematical and scientific concepts are also embedded in the programme so that children pick up relevant skills as they learn through classroom and field experiments and exploration. Their programme caters to the problem solving skills of the children and also strengthens their understanding of new knowledge across all learning domains as they work together with adults and peers in the school environment. The Nursery Two to Kindergarten Two curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that children learn progressively so that they are well prepared for Primary One.

  • Location: 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #03-01 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6255 7877

These are few of the best Preschools and childcare centres available in Bukit Merah that would cater to all your child’s requirements

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