Best Preschools & Childcare in Marina South (Singapore)

Are you looking for best preschools in Marina South? Here, we are listing best daycares, montessori and preschools near your place with all required details.

Has your child started to ask more questions about absolutely everything around? Trying to explore more, getting a first hand experience on everything in their surroundings with peaking curiosity and energy thriving to be channelized in all the right directions? Finding the right preschool for your child to suit all needs is a necessity. A place that hones creativity, shapes and develops important social skills and the basis of the child’s personality is the most integral part in starting their journey towards growth.

Marina south is a planning area in the central region of Singapore. If you are a resident here, you are well aware of the popularity of this area. Or if you are looking to relocate here, you are aware of the opportunities available. Such opportunities include the number of unique preschool and daycare set ups here. Some of the best preschools and childcare centres in Marina South are listed below.


Best Preschools & Childcare in Marina South (Singapore)

1. Sparkletots Preschool

Sparkletots Prechool moves with a vision to instil confidence and creativity their learners with a caring heart. Their mission is to provide quality learning to nurture children holistically. They stand out with their core values being graciousness, respect, integrity and teamwork.

Their childcare caters for children from 18 months to below 7 years of age. The combination of a focused education programme complemented by quality care for children such as meals and nap time are some of the provisions offered here.  Through carefully crafted activities for their Preschool kids, their aim is to motivate children with the desire to learn and make them gain a greater awareness of their significance as a contributing member of the community.The Mother Tongue Curriculum that they offer aims at fostering children’s interest in their mother tongue language through stories, songs, rhymes, games, cultural celebrations and more. Apart from developing children’s listening, speaking and early literacy skills, they believe that these activities also “help the children connect with their ethnic values and heritage, and instil appreciation for cultural diversity in multi-racial Singapore”.

  • Location: 650 Pasir Ris Drive 10, Singapore 510650
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6585 3071

2. United Word Preschool

United World Preschool is an international preschool that believes in associating learning with fun and with joy of achievement, where challenges become opportunities and encourage learning through play and experimenting. Their vision is to “shape the future of education and equip children with relevant knowledge, skills and attitude for the future”.

The activities are very selectively picked and are built around children’s inexhaustible curiosity and their inherent need to push boundaries by teaching them to slowly become independent and socially aware. These activities involve group play where your child will make friends and learn about cooperation and taking turns and working in teams and attain social skills. Their unique curriculum starts with value education, music & movement and show and tell. These activities are set to promote an appreciation for music/dance and build gross motor skills, along with developing speaking skills as well as learning to listen patiently.

This curriculum is followed by dance and culture, English speech and drama, golf, judo, Mandarin speech and drama, mathematics, sports and yoga. This curriculum is specifically designed for your child to receive nourishment from all directions. This preschool is nationally listed among the best Preschools in Marina South.

  • Location: 66 E Coast Rd, The Flow, Singapore 428778
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6444 1800

3. Cherie Hearts Preschool

Cherie Hearts is one of the best preschools and childcare centres in Marina South owning to their multi-literacy curriculum that caters to enhancing your child’s holistic growth, to develop in them a joy for learning, and to prime them for future success. They run on a five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model, that enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly. Through the holistic and engaging programmes they offer, the children are empowered to make decisions confidently and become independent life-long learners along with a purposeful partnership with parents

They offer infant care programme to cater to babies and toddlers along with a curriculum that specializes in various learning domains including Language & Communication, Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Physical spheres. Cherie Hearts has playgroup for kids upto 18 months, pre-nursery for kids upto 3 years, nursery for kids upto 4 years, Kindergarten for kids upto 5-6 years and preschool services that your child can graduate to. It is listed among the best schools in Marina South also because of its recognition by the Health Promotion Board and Ministry of Health for healthy eating, so you can be sure your child is getting the proper nutrition they need.

  • Location: 8 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349282
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6749 8049

4. Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat’s Schoolhouse focuses on three very important skills; boldness, vivacity, ability to inspire. They offer both the English and Mandarin teachers who are co-partners in the same classroom, co-owning the holistic development of children under their care to incorporate and deliver themes, subjects and topics in a cohesive and immersive bilingual environment. This arrangement surrounds children with equal amount of exposure to English and Mandarin, facilitating language acquisition at a very young age as they are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

Their immersive curriculum uses inquiry-embedded play and engaging activities to teach and develop active, inquisitive and competent learners. They also have an enhanced music-integrated curriculum to promote confidence, discipline and promote motor and social skills among others.

  • Location: 35 Lotus Ave, Singapore 277618
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6781 2288

5. Kinderland Preschool

At Kinderand they offer amenities like dedicated rooms for Music and Art allow children to express themselves creatively. They als0 provide a literacy room that develops the children’s communicative abilities in listening and speaking, along with a multipurpose area with an indoor playground created for children’s participation in games and exercises that developing fine and gross motor skills. The centre also features a self-help kitchenette which promotes independence as children learn to set up for meals, serve themselves and clean up after meals.

In their infant and toddler care, they provide opportunities for sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional stimulation during your child’s crucial growing months. They offer training in Sensory-motor Development, Language and Cognitive Growth, Creative Stimulation through Senses, Social and Emotional Connection. All in all, their Developmentally appropriate infant/toddler curriculum that provides educational and developmental services through love, respect and understanding makes them one of the best childcare centres in Marina South. Apart from this their preschool offers programmes in Pre Nursery (Toddlers) Programme (18 months – 2+ years ), Nursery 1 Programme (3 years ), Nursery 2 To Kindergarten 2 Programme (4 years – 6 years ).

  • Location: 87 Marine Parade Central #03-201 Singapore 440087
  • Website:
  • Contact: 6881 8818

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