Best Preschools & Childcare in Geylang (Singapore)

Are you looking for the best preschools in Geylang? Here is a list of the best daycares, montessori and preschools near your place with all required details.

If you’re a resident in and around Geylang, you might have wondered if it is the right place for you to settle in for a long term with your little one getting older. If you are looking for the best preschools in Geylang, we are providing you an upper hand! Here is a list of the best preschools and child care centres in Geylang that, along with their unique facilities and prgrammes, will provide the right nourishment and grooming to develop the skillset and ability to choose the best direction with positive self esteem.


Best Preschools & Childcare in Geylang (Singapore)

1. Toddlers Cottage Preschool

The Ministry of Education had defined a set of learning goals for each of the learning area that reflects widely held expectations about what children should know and be able to do upon completion of Kindergarten 2. Toddlers’ Cottage is committed to fulfilling these learning goals as defined by the Ministry of Education.

The Preschool runs on a vision of “to be the leading provider of Early Childhood Development Programme in the community, trusted among parents”. This preschool that encourages new ways of learning apart from the regular conventi0nal methods and aim to provide an affordable education for your child through a broad range of innovative learning approaches.

They believe in incorporating eight powerful Cs into every lesson to shape your kids into thoughtful and insightful individuals. These include curiosity, criticism, communication, creativity, collaboration, compassion, composure and citizenship. They begin imparting these skills from an early period and provide the required care and nourishment to toddlers. They offer daycare services to infants from 2-18 months, which is when they begin the development program of your child.

In their preschool, they offer these following six learning areas for the holistic development of children:

  • Aesthetics and creative expression.
  • Discovery of the World.
  • Language and literacy.
  • Motor Skills Development.
  • Social and emotional development


  • Location:118 Aljunied Ave 2, #03-102, Singapore 380118
  • Website:
  • Contact:(065) 6841 4111

2. ACES Champion Preschool and Childcare

ACES Champion is a Montessori infantcare and preschool for children ages 3 months to 6 years old and offer infant care for 3 months old to 18 months old and half-day and full-day childcare for 18 months old to 6 years old.

They hold a Small student count to provide the required attention to all children along with a small teacher-student ratio. They consist of a highly experienced and stable teaching team to provide the education and care of the best kind along with a diverse environment that includes a  more rounded holistic programs supported by Montessori curriculum consisting of a Good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. They support their education by providing a student friendly environment with well-ventilated classrooms for the students to be able to grasp and learn maximum. They have an experience Over 15 years in preschool operation and are well aware of your child’s needs.

LEARN, ENJOY, REWARD is the center’s culture and all their activities are centered around this spirit. To better gel everyone together, the Chinese character is chosen to capture this spirit in its simplest form. A review by a parent that says “because of the meticulous care of the teachers, my child has adapted to the preschool life, and my child’s intellectual growth and self-care ability have greatly improved. The child is polite, understands rules and knows how to share, from previous shyness to the present calm and confident.” gives a personal glimpse of the child’s growth and development and an idea of why ACES Champion is one of the best preschools in Geylang.

  • Location: 10 Lor Sarina, Singapore 416672
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6749 6908

3. Little Big Preschool

The team believes that pre-schools should not just provide sound early childhood education but also a partner to families in forming beautiful childhood memories. Little Big refers to the Little Angels with Big Dreams, and also their commitment to facilitate valuable exchanges between parents and their children.

They provide the students with a vast learning space including separate learning rooms, play space, reading corner and a separate project room for the kids to develop holistically. Holistic develop of your children is supported by their curriculum which is guided by an active framework with the goal of nurturing children to be curious, active and competent learners. This consists of 6 areas of education/development which incude; Discovery of the world, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Motor Skills Development, Social and Emotional Development and Aesthetics and Creative Expression.

This also includes teacher-guided sessions with a purpose to develop core academic foundations for primary education. Delivery strategies includes kinaesthetic learning, differentiated instructions and direct instruction, Projects that are learning experiences which allow learners to enquire, research, test and formulate concepts. Children get to apply their academic knowledge, and also gain social and communication skills and curated modules that are curated to allow children to be gain fundamental artistic, sports and programming skills.  All in all, this preschool consisting of all the required provisions is also one of the best in Geylang.

  • Location:95 Telok Kurau Rd, Singapore 423797
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6345 4560

4. Little Footprints Preschool

They strive to nurture every child into a confident communicator, problem solver and an independent thinker. Through a holistic development approach, they have a team of dedicated educators to inspire the children on a journey of discovery in both English and Chinese curriculum by stimulating each child’s imagination and capturing the magical moments of learning.

They provide a rich and colourful environment with sounds and movements, suitable for the infants’ care. They believe that with a warm and secure environment, infants will be able to learn and develop within a supportive space and their ultimate goal is to help infants develop skills naturally and confidently, and to acquire new knowledge through exploration.

For the preschoolers, they provide a honing environment to nurture the child’s interests and skills through purposeful and constructive activities. They actively focus on four areas; active learning, progressive learning, integrated approach for theme based learning and experiential learning.

According a few reviews, children at Little Footprints Preschool have “an insatiable appetite for learning” as their programme has an eclectic mix of activities which provides rich and concrete experiences for their learning. The team puts it out as “We are on a constant quest to facilitate and grow children’s experiences in gaining knowledge.”\

  • Location:67 Ubi Ave 1, #01-10/11 Starhub Green, Singapore 408942
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 3165 0224

5. Yu Quan Preschool

With a belief that the formative ages from 0 to 7 are especially important in the overall development of children as they have tremendous potential if a firm foundation is laid in their early years, Yu Quan Preschool believes that the mastery of bilingualism is the necessary criteria to groom a bicultural elite.

In line with shifting paradigms in schools, Yu Quan has shifted emphasis from content-based to process-based programmes, from frontal teaching to experiential learning, and from distinct subject areas to cross-subject explorations. With a bilingual curriculum based on the desired outcomes of preschool education set out by the Ministry of Education, their curriculum is designed to challenge young children to develop literacy, numeracy, problem-solving skills and creative thinking, which are abilities that have been identified as critical in the new globalised world.  Their vast programme includes the incorporation of Yitong Infant Programme and Chinese Idioms Literacy into their Chinese curriculum. Yitong Infant is a comprehensive and balance programme which includes language, science, mathematics, physical activity, environmental awareness, social interaction, music and fine arts.

Through one-game a day activity, the children’s 8 abilities will be appropriately, effectively and comprehensively improved. The child will become a bright child developed in all aspects. For the 4 years old and above, they will undertake Chinese Idioms Literacy programme whereby they will be taught recognition of Chinese characters. They will learn 1500 characters as we believe that recognizing characters is the beginning of all pursuits while reading is the basis for the learning of all subjects.

  • Location:231 Mountbatten Road BLK G#1-02, Singapore 397999
  • Website:
  • Contact:+65 6789 0700

These are few of the best preschools and day care centres in Geylang where your child will receive all the nourishment required for the development of your child with the best methods provided.

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