Best Preschools & Childcare in Rochor (Singapore)

Are you looking for the best preschools in Rochor? Here is a list of the best daycares, montessori and preschools near your place with all required details.

If you’re a resident in and around Rochor, you might have wondered if it is the right place for you to settle in for a long term with your little one getting older. If you are looking for the best preschools in Rochor, we are providing you an upper hand! Here is a list of the best preschools and child care centres in Rochor that, along with their unique facilities and programmes, will provide the right nourishment and grooming to develop the skill set and ability to choose the best direction with positive self esteem.


Best Preschools & Childcare in Rochor (Singapore)

1. Viv’s Preschool

Viv’s Schoolhouse specializes in educating children between 18 months to 6 years old. As an international preschool, the children come from all walks of life. In order to ensure that children are able to anchor in every learning experience firmly, their curriculum has been designed to engage all of their five senses as much as possible.

Children here are immersed in a bilingual environment of English and Mandarin where they acquire language skills and cultural arts in both languages. Not only do children get equal exposure to both languages throughout the day, they also get the chance to delve deeper into the intricacies of each language during designated English and Mandarin lessons. Their programme is shaped for all round development including constant conversations and practice through which even non-native speakers are able to grasp the respective languages with ease and confidence.

Their curriculum has been designed to engage all of their five senses as much as possible. The lessons are filled with novelty, challenges, and creative-thinking with activities specially curated to allow children to be fully involved in their everyday learning. Through this hands-on approach, children are able to build strong foundations in the different learning domains, and engage critical thinking when it comes to tackling problems.

Apart from this developmental curriculum, they also host events for the Chinese new year and conduct developmental activities in forms of games. Therefore it is regarded as one of the best schools in Rochor.

  • Location:12 Queen St, #04-01 Hotel Royal @ Queens, Singapore 188553
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6909 1311

2. LeClare Preschool

LeClare Preschool believes in providing a strong foundation and support system with which each child will develop a resilience for “tackling challenges in a changing society and the confidence to embrace opportunities that are boundless in our global economy”. They strive to Inspire the Future through their programs and a team of great teachers to guide the students including full-time music and art specialists who consult, design and deliver an exclusive Arts curriculum. These specialists work closely with classroom educators to ensure that the Arts and core curriculum is well integrated and balanced, and that each child is catered for.

LeClare offers childcare for children from 2 to 17 months with specially designed rooms and corners for the infants and toddlers with a low educator to child ratio of 1:3 ensures that each child is cared for and curriculum tailored to. With dedicated spaces for sleeping, relaxing, play and exploration, LeClare caters to flexible routines for babies under 12 months and through gentle play and safe exploration, the kids activate all their senses to develop a healthy, happy toddler.  They offer a special tool; Toddler schema identification—patterns of repeatable behavior— to extend and develop children’s thinking.

In their Preschool, The curriculum will have children investigating a unit of inquiry each term in both English and Mandarin. The integrated approach allows educators to combine different subject components including language and literacy, numeracy, motor skills, social and emotional development and cognitive/ daily life skills into one activity. This allows children to have a more holistic and deeper understanding of various subject matter that is transferrable. Designed with immersivness, dedicated spaces are built in all units to ensure children have an authentic studio experience every time they engage. With time, children at LeClare develop an appreciation for diverse artists, arts styles and creative genres. Parents of students who are enrolled here have referred t0 Leclare as one of the best in Rochor.

  • Location: Singapore Conference Hall 7, #01-02 Shenton Way, Singapore 068810
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 8669 6606

3. Mahota Preschool

The founder has handpicked Mahota Preschool to have a “nature-based curriculum with engaging lessons and meaningful activities aimed at rewilding hearts. Our children will develop their pathways of compassion and coexistence through eco-literacy”. The programme, from Playgroup to K2, addresses the physical, emotional, and intellectual capacities of the developing child through an age-appropriate curriculum that integrates the disciplines of movement and arts into the study of languages, sciences and mathematics. Through the development of these capacities, they strive to educate the whole child in a healthy and balanced manner.

Their experiential based curriculum incorporates relevant, interdisciplinary learning to enhance the child’s language, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. It focuses on the development of basic skills such as reading, writing, numeracy, music and motor development that will prepare your child for formal schooling. Their programme extends from Playgroup to Kindergarten. The property is equipped with engaging toys and books to allow the children to explore and experiment in a safe and conducive environment. The children are strongly encouraged to explore independently during dedicated lesson time as well as during free play.

The curriculum focuses specifically on English literacy, mathematics, social/personal development. The students also engage in the “Farm to School” is also a urban farming project where they will grow their vegetables. Other activities involve outdoor physical activities, farming and cooking, Chinese calligraphy and painting and field trips.

  • Location: Blk 808 French Road #03-01 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200808, Singapore 200808
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6291 1915

4. Capella Preschool

Capella Preschool is set out to build a safe and enriching environment which encourages a joyful attitude towards learning. This preschool is designed to approach topics and problems from different angles. In order to nurture the children to be critical thinkers, the teachers here plan different invitations of learning experiences and provocations which excite their sense of wonder and make them ponder.

Their pre-nursery for kids for kids from 18-30 months focuses on giving children different forms of exposure to stir up their curiosity, building up their confidence and willingness in trying new experiences. Such exposures are usually done through play and hands-on experiences that covers physical, cognitive, social-emotional and sensorial development. Their education programme includes Numeracy and Math Concepts, Exploring loose-parts, Self Help Skills, Chinese Culture, Current Affairs Sensory Play, Outdoor Play, Water Play

Kids are also provided with physical education through Cookery, Art, Music and Physical Education (C.A.M.P) Day which is held once a week. Through C.A.M.P, children will explore the different elements of each specialized subject in detail, helping them to identify their interests and strengths. Capella’s artistic outlook makes it one of the best preschools in Rochor.

  • Location: 4 Sims Dr, #01-70, Singapore 387387
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6924 4091

5. MindChamps Preschool

MindChamps Infant Care in Singapore offers full-day and half-day care programmes for infants and toddlers from the age of 2 to 18 months. The curriculum functions on the acronym S.M.I.L.E.S which refers to activities that stimulate the development of our young ones in the following key areas: Sensory, Motor (Music and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social.

Their playgroup, nursery & kindergarten curriculum nurtures all aspects of the preschoolers’ development – from picking up new skills and reaching key milestones to instilling positive values that will stay with him/her for life. Children’s MindChamps PreSchool experience will provide a strong foundation during the early years and mould him/her into a young Champion set to excel in school and ready to take on the working world of the future.

Lessons are conducted in small groups, allowing teachers to address questions that result from the learning process. These questions can then be extended to another exploration. Along the way, your child and his/her peers will also have the opportunity to reflect on the challenges faced and how they worked together to resolve them. This allows children to truly understand what it means to give and take as they collaborate to problem-solve together.

  • Location: 290 Orchard Rd, #06-19/20, Singapore 238859
  • Website:
  • Contact: +65 6732 0087

These are few of the best preschools and day care centres in Rochor where your child will receive all the nourishment required for the development of your child with the best methods provided.

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