Birds can fly but we don’t. Why?

Birds can fly but we don’t. Why?

Well, don’t you think we are different from birds? Of course and we don’t have wings too but have hands. It’s very simple, birds are very light because of hollow bones, and we don’t have hollow bones. Their muscles are specially designed to let them fly, their feathers weigh much more than their bones, our weight is much more than birds weight+ we don’t have any feathers to assist us. That’s why we can’t fly.

When I were a kid I always thought that it would be so amazing if I could fly like a bird in the sky. I am sure that once in your life you must have thought or wished the same dreams like me. Well, who would not like this concept? Flying high in the sky with other birds freely and passing by clouds reminds me of Superman, Ironman and Doraemon future gadgets. But you know all are fictional.

What is the thing that restrains us from flying like a bird in the sky? What is that and why? And if only birds can fly then why some of them can’t?

Like we humans along with animals can’t fly you know. I have never seen any human flying in the sky nor do any animal example- dogs, cats or bulls etc. and I think you also didn’t see any creature flying.

Let’s go ahead of these multiple questions and find answers.


Why can’t we fly but birds can?

See this picture, birds. What is the first thing you noticed? What are they doing exactly which helps them flying? Did you notice their wings? Yes, the very first thing that I wanted you to notice. They are flying because they have wings. Birds have wings but we people have hands. No wings, no feathers so no fly.

Is it just because of those wings and feathers?

 How do these wings function or help them in flying?

The feathers on the wings do the function of catching the air and then forcing it downward and when they flap thus giving a lift by opposing the gravity.

When we talk about the weight that why these birds are so light weighted? The same lightweight helps them in flying high and high but the question is why they are so light weighted?

They are lightweight because they have hollow bones that make them lighter but human bones are heavy and muscles are also not so strong to help us in flying like birds do. But birds’ muscles are special like it’s perfectly designed in the way that accelerates air downwards to give them lift.

If birds have been heavy then the extra weight will pull them down. If only a human did not weigh so much and have feathers, we too would have been able to fly high in the sky. But we have been gifted with powerful hands, legs, and brain than any other species.

So we human lacks in 3 things that birds have –

  • Our wings are short or I can say we got hands but they got wings full of beautiful feathers.
  • Our muscles are very weak in comparison to birds, their muscles are specially designed which let them fly.
  • Our weight is much more than birds’ weight which restrains us from flying.
  • Their bones are hollow but ours not
  • Their feathers weigh much more than their bones.

So, I think you have learned that we cannot fly like birds with our wings.

If birds can fly then why some birds can’t?

Have you ever noticed that there are some birds that can’t fly or some can but a little only?

Penguin, Ostrich, Emu, Streamer Duck, rheas, and kiwis these birds can’t fly at all. But there are some other birds too that can fly only for a shorter distance like- peacock, owl and chickens etc.

Each person has some talent inside same with the birds too, there may be some birds that totally can’t fly but have been gifted some other things to appreciate like Penguins live in Antarctica and can easily bear that unbearable cold there as well as these birds are awesome swimmers too and Ostrich can run fast actually very fast but can’t fly too.

Some birds are just too heavy to make it off the ground. Some birds have feathers but not gifted with wings like kiwis are all feathery but not have wings.

  • Flightless birds have smaller wings in comparison to their body size.
  • Flightless birds have more feathers than flying’ ones.
  • Flightless birds have sturdy bones like mammals do.
  • Wings are designed for swimming rather than flying for penguins.
  • They just don’t need to fly because they have adapted that environment and never felt like they need to move.

So now you know exactly the reason why we humans can’t fly like birds and why some other birds are not able to fly.

Let me tell you now some amazing facts-

  • Ostrich is the largest bird in the world and runs fastest reach up to70km/per hour.
  • Hummingbirds fly backward easily.
  • American woodcock is the slowest bird on this planet. It flies at an airspeed of 8km per hour.
  • Owls can’t rotate their eyes.
  • The most talkative bird is African Grey Parrot who can speak around 800words.
  • 75% of bird species are found in the rainforests.

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