Bobcat Animal Facts for Kids

Bobcat Facts for Kids

Bobcat are ferocious cats that resides in woods, swamps, mountains, and deserts in much of North America. Bobcats are mostly active at night, but are most vigorous at dawn and dusk. They pass the day in their den. They are very righteous climbers and swimmers. Bobcats usually survive from 10 to 14 years. Bobcats and lynxes are firmly related.


What do bobcats look like?

Bobcats have some resemblance to house cats in looks, although they are sizeable than house-trained cats. Similar to house cats, bobcats keep their razor-sharp claws on the inside of their toes; footprints do not manifest their claws.

They are very peculiar, just as house cats are, but they are not distinctly social when it comes to people. Bobcats will most probable sprint away from people if they get close by. The overlay of a bobcat can differ and comes in a hardly any dissimilar hues, inclusive of light Gray, yellowish-brownish, brown, and type of reddish-brownish. No matter their dyeing, all bobcats have that designated spotted pattern on their overlay to some scope.

What is behaviour of bobcat?

Bobcat undertakings are confined to well-defined regions, which vary in dimensions depending the diffusion of prey. The home span is spotted with feces, urine savour, and by clawing notable trees in the region. In its region, the bobcat has number of shelters, generally a chief den, and several supplementary shelters on the outermost extent of its scop, for example hollow logs, brush piles, thickets, or under rock shelf. Its den smells forcibly of the bobcat.

What is the diet of a bobcat?

Bobcats have extremely edgy teeth and they only consume meat. Their diet can comprise of rabbits, rats, squirrels, certain types of birds. Bobcats have also been known to consume chickens if they reside nearby to farms.

Bobcats have a great sensation of sight and hearing and they are appreciable hunters. They are very quality at sneaking around through brush without creating much noise, which gives them a benefit over their prey.

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