Giraffe Animal Facts for Kids

Giraffe Animal Facts for Kids


Where do they live?

Giraffes prefer to reside in very dry environment. We can spot them in savannas, grasslands, and even in open woods. They hang out among the wide-open plains and woodlands.  Giraffes are indigenous to Africa which is a very warm and parched region.

What do they eat and drink?

Giraffes are herbivores which means they only consume plants. Giraffes prefer to meander and search for their meal shoots down building up the ample of their diet. They also relish leaves and herbs. Their favoured food is the acacia tree. They make use of their prolonged cervix to outstretch the leaves in the crown. Most giraffes do not consume lot of grass.

It has been approximating that throughout specified hours of the year giraffes pay out 75 percent of their hour searching for food and eating. Giraffes don’t require much water in spite of being very huge.

They only take the causal drink, so they are frequently searched far away from water resources. They may consume a lot; giraffes do not drink lot of water. It is because they get major of their water from their leafy food, and only require to drink once every day.

What do they look like?

The giraffe is the towering kind of mammal in the whole globe. A masculine giraffe can develop up to 15.5 meters whereas a feminine giraffe can develop up to 4.3 meters. The legs of a giraffe are about 1.8 meters. Giraffes also have the extended tail of any mammal. Their tails can be up to 2.4 meters lengthy. The male and female giraffes have two horns on their head.

These horns are known ossicones and many masculine giraffes have broad, less bushy ossicones than feminine giraffes. This is because the bashing they do with other masculine giraffes. The spots on a giraffe are very unique, and oddly enough no different giraffes have the similar group of spots.

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