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  • 5 Most Important Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

    Financial Literacy is a very important aspect of human life. It is essential to teach your child about financial education for a better future. These are some important money habits that kids must be taught. Start teaching them with examples, as per their age and understanding level. Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids 1. Teach […]

  • Fun Ways to Prepare Your Kid for Primary 1 Maths

    Maths is everywhere. Maths talk is important. Math leads to critical thinking, problem-solving skill, and better reasoning abilities. It’s very important to prepare your kids for Math from now, for a better learning experience and a better future. A lot of new concepts add in primary 1 maths, so it’s necessary to teach them a […]

  • How to develop the interest in studies for school students

    [responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Female” buttontext=”Listen”] I remember the day when I was going school for the first time. There was nervousness but at the same time was very excited when my mother told me that a school is a beautiful place where I will meet new people and make friends and learn as many things. I think this happens […]

  • Innovative Ways To Teach Kids English Alphabets

    ‘Mumma ‘ or ‘maa’ is the first word which almost every newborn baby says. After this only a baby starts saying or learning other things. Parents make a lot of efforts at home to teach their kids. But the actual and formal education of kids starts with the learning of English alphabets i.e., A, B, […]

  • How to Teach Kids About Computer in a Delightful Way

    Computers are one of most seen thing in present time. They’re things we use for almost every function, to send mail, write a story, talk to a friend or to locate our closest one. But do our kids really know about computer? How can we introduce computer to them. Sometimes, we ignore questions that kids used […]

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