Could your brain repair itself?

The brain is the major functional process of our body. Many researchers said that in many cases brain repairs the blow itself and can restore it again.

If the brain of the person is damaged or the neural cells of the brain are damaged but if the person has a remarkable property to adapt then it can heal the pain itself. The tissue cells in your brain are called ‘neurons’. And they do not recover by themselves.

There are only two species in the brain that give birth to new neurons. Neurons also die when they faced differences in their functions. But a loss of neurons is constant.

Scientists have the major investigation that the brain has an amazing ability to repair itself after the response from psychic experience. the phenomenon is known as ‘Neuroplasticity’ and it is considered one of the most important developments in modern science for our understanding of the brain.

The brain is not fixed and unchangeable as was once thought but can create new neural pathways to adopt its own needs. This has led to an outburst of interest in the power of brain training to improve our focus, memory concentration.

Neuroplasticity introduces to the brain’s activity to recognize the nerve’s response to learning the experience. Researcher’s thought that the adult brain was immobile. In other words, scientists believe that after a certain point in development the brain could no longer embrace the variations.

Our brain process an extraordinary ability to repair itself after a turmeric injury and this ability is called ‘Neuroplasticity’ .thus many brain industry surveys can make astounding has the brain’s ability to recognized neurons in response to learning and experience.

Our brain is consists of 100 trillion neural network connections. when there is something wrong with any one of the neural connections or once had become damaged or destroyed.

Recognizing neurons is the primary way that the brain can repair itself after a turmeric injury. In some, the neural connection that helps to recognized language has been lost.

So after the injury, the brain does not generate the new neurons but it will alter the way information defile through the brain.

It can even transfer the function that can be held in the damaged parts of the brain to new healthy areas.

The process of ‘Neuroplasticity’ does not happen on its own but it requires repetition. the more the pathway becomes stronger through its repeated practice of speaking the faster brain recovers itself.

We can also help our brain to recognize some things though our actions and continuous protocol instructions that we send through the new neural network path. it may take a time to adopt the new change happening with the body once it is used to it, then it will be the normal path for the brain like premature one.

Also, the stronger the pathways become it’s easy to perform the action and easy to recover the damaged brain process.

This is the way the brain can regain some small injuries by itself through some suggested processes.

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