Counting Raindrops Math Worksheets for Kids

Counting can be a pleasant task for growing children. Children will begin their journey to knowledge and should be granted a lot of practice in order to get some valuable skills. At this grade, kids may say numbers but in some other sequence. It the duty of the parents to make sure the kids are doing alright.

This is all a kid needs in his early days before going to school. It will also encourage them in completing the course of simple calculations in a very simple way. For example, put 10 pens in front of a child and make him count them, this is a simple exercise but very effective. In this edition, we have brought two worksheets that ask the child to count the raindrops.

Raindrop Counting Practice Worksheets

The first worksheet asks the kid to count to 10, and then draw the exact number of raindrops as asked in the figure given below. They can solve these easy problems, which will help them to understand the meaning of these sessions. The umbrella is used to show the work and then complete the given task on the worksheet

WORKSHEET 1 Counting raindrops Math Worksheets for Kids

The second worksheet has set a task for the child to count to 20. The more practice children have with numbers and counting, the more they will discover new things and adapt to the concept quickly. If your child gets these sheets done without any trouble, ask him to solve them within a given time frame. This will improve their speed.

WORKSHEET 2 Counting raindrops Math Worksheets for Kids

The child must know the importance of these worksheets and how this is going to help him, develop his mental abilities. That is very essential. After handing in the worksheet the parents have to be responsible as well for being competent and supervising them if they make errors. Surmising the meaning of numbers and counting requires practice, and you can help your child by making him work on these worksheets regularly.

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