Counting Turkeys and Color By Number Worksheet

Learning can be a lot of fun when done in form of exciting activities. We know that little kids get easily bored in learning in a very plain and dull way. To keep them hooked and to grab their attention we have brought some really fun activity worksheets that will help them in learning countings.

Color & Counting Turkeys Practice Worksheet

This worksheet contains a very cute bird that will feed them knowledge in an interesting way. The bird’s name is Turkey. You can tell your kids few facts about it. Now moving ahead this activity is going to be really fun and knowledgeable for them. With the help of these worksheets, they will get a really new learning experience.

Now as given in the first worksheet kids have to count the turkeys and write numbers on them as given in dot. Count the total number and read out the numbers. As we are done with counting turkeys you can move ahead to the most fun part. COLORING.

Now as given in the worksheet each part of the turkey bird is given a number. at the side of the page, each number is assigned a color. Identify these numbers on turkey body parts and color them with the same color as assigned to the number. Try coloring in a chronological way from 1 to 10.

These creative worksheets will help your kids learn without putting much pressure on them.

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