Dog Animal Facts for Kids

Dogs sketches a vital role in the lives of many human being, not just only as pets but also as employed dogs by helping to decipher crimes, behaving as our eyes if we are unable to look.


Type of Animal

A dog is a four-footed mammal. Just like all mammals, dogs have fur, inhale air with lungs, are warm-blooded, give childbirth to babies and female dogs fabricate milk to feed their babies.

The Dog Family

Dogs be owned to a family of mammals known as Canidae. Other ally of Canidae consist of foxes and jackals. There are over more than thirty kinds in the dog family. When zoologists discuss about dogs, they could be mentioning to any of the animals in the dog family not just the dogs we hold on to as pets.

The Domestic Dog

The dogs that we retain as pets our homes are called as domestic dogs. A domestic animal is an animal that can reside with humans. Many domestic animals are hold onto as domestic animals for example, cats and guinea pigs. Domiciliary animals are not just just pets: cows, sheep are all exemplar of domestic animals. All have been brought up to survive along with humans and upgrade our lives in some or the other ways.

The Working Dogs

Working dogs are dogs retained by humans to do specific errands. Some dogs toil for the police. Police dogs are huge, strong, smart dogs that can get hold of culprits and manage crowds.

Exemplar of police dog types consist of the German shepherd and Belgian Malinois.

Dogs have a great sense of smell which put together them perfect at inhaling out things that humans cannot get scent of. They are frequently used by the police to find unlawful drugs and bombs. Some dogs can even sense out illness in the human body.

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