Fox Animal Facts for Kids

The fox is the tinniest part of the dog lineage; however, it also has various alikeness with cats for example having upright slit eyes and reverse claws. They also go attack same as a cat, following their victim and frolicking with it before ending it.



Fox kinds consist of the red fox, Gray fox, kit fox, artic fox and fennec fox. There are 21 species of fox. The red fox is the most usual fox. The fox is the miniature part of the dog family. They have a life duration of two to five years but few of them have survived to be fourteen years old in cage.


Foxes resides all over North America. They adjust effortlessly and can handle things in a dense and deep woods. They construct their house under sheds, in the trunk of trees or in ground holes.


Foxes are carnivores that means they eat meat only. Their meals consist of rodents, rabbits, insects and small birds. If they reside near a farm house, they will hunt for the hen house and take away the chickens. Coyotes, wolves, eagles are all biological enemies of the fox.


Foxes mate between December and February. In the spring, the feminine fox may deliver a debris of four to five kits. The kits have no wool and are short eye sighted. The mother fox has her litter in its home. She does not get out of the house for the initial two weeks after the kits are born. The feminine take care of her kits. When the kits are about four weeks mature, they start to go out of the house. They will quit their mother somewhere when they between six and twelve months old. A fox can reproduce when they reach 10 months of maturity.

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