Emoji Feelings Flashcards

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Emojis always look attractive and playful, no matter if it is in the form of stickers, posters, or virtual. These emojis help to show our facial expressions and feelings to the person we communicate with. Learning about the meaning of such feelings and expressions is important for young children as it helps them to express themselves easily. To let children understand the meaning of these expressions and feelings Kidpid is here with a very interesting study material that will help young children to understand these emojis in a playful manner.

This study booklet includes a worksheet of attractive flashcards that includes multiple cute emojis along with the name of the expressions. The vibrant colors of the flashcards are so vibrant and attractive that they can easily grab the attention of any children and create willingness in them to learn and understand their meaning. These flashcards are easily printable and are perfectly suitable for small kids in first grade. To enhance the attractiveness of the flashcards you can print these flashcards on a glossy A4 size sheet. So let your child explore this very creative, amazing, and interesting way of learning with Kidpid’s  Emoji feelings flashcards.


Emoji Feeling Flashcards

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Emoji Feelings Flashcards

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Emoji Feelings Flashcards

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Emoji Feelings Flashcards

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Emoji Feelings Flashcards

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