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Vegetables are an important part of our balanced diet. For small kids, it is important to learn the name of different vegetables as this is the basic knowledge that every kid should acquire at a young age in order to perform well in academics. But when it comes to teaching young learners things become a little tough for the parents and teachers. To solve this problem for parents and teachers Kidpid is here with an amazing study material that will help young learners to learn about different vegetables in a very interesting way. This study material is in the form of flashcards which makes it more attractive for the children. These flashcards cover multiple vegetables like cabbage, pumpkin, potato, leek, peas, mushroom, and beans. These printable flashcards include the names of the vegetables along with their beautiful pictures that making it easy for the young learners to learn and understand. These printable flashcards are the best and the most affordable way to make your child’s learning journey interesting. So let your child experience a whole new and fun technique of learning with Kidpid’s vegetable flashcards.


Vegetables Flashcards

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